|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Mangal Chandi Talisman




Goddess Mangal Chandi is a very powerful form of Chandi Devi who is also the overlord of Planet Mars in some schools of thought. She therefore controls its various aspects. Any problem caused by malefic placement of mars in the horoscope is diluted by this powerful Devi, like Debts, Marriage / relationship problems (manglik dosha), land or property related issues. Best solution to clear & calm any disputes between couples. This helps the couple to understand, agree the situation & maintain peace, hence creating compatibility. Reduces the Manglik dosha, thus enabling for a smooth & harmonious marriage life. In this talisman, the energies of Planet Mangal as well as Devi Chandi is infused to address the various issues caused to due a malefic Mangal or ill placement of Mangal.

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