|| Om Shri Venkateshwaraya Namaha ||  
|| Om Saravana Bhavaaya Namaha ||

Sun or Surya abhisheka




Surya or Sun is the Pratyaksha Devata whom we can see through the human eyes. He is essential life force for our very existence, good health and prosperity. He bestows power, name and fame. He blesses you with co-operation with government. If you are aspiring for a political career, a government job or even want to get done some long pending unfinished work, then, you can offer the right kind of prayer to Surya Bhagwan and your work will be done. He brings out leadership skills and qualities from within you. He is the source of vigor and vitality. He depicts our ancestors and propitiating him in the right manner also relieves you of the Pitru Dosha.

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