|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Madurai Veeran Sookshma Pooja | 1 Padayal Pooja




Sri Madurai Veeran Swamy Maha Padayal Pooja

Madurai Veeran is a fierce guardian deity and is the ultimate Warrior. He protects us fiercely, safeguard us from enemies and takes care of us like his child without any caste discrimination. Today there are several temples dedicated to Madurai Veeran across tamilnadu, kerala, Malaysia, Singapore and south africa. He is a No NON SENSE god. He goes straight to work as requested by a devotee and finishes. PERIOD !!

Maha “Padayal” means huge Offerings to him that he loves. These include but not limited to wide spread specially cooked food in big banyan leaf, liquor bottles, Cigars, lots of fruits, jaggery, beaten rice, pori, nuts, etc. Grand Abhishekam , Alankaram and Tantric mantras (in native language) are performed prior to the Padayal. This pooja happens at midnight only and again a cleansing ritual in the following morning.

This tantric ritual is a very powerful one that will get you out of miseries and setbacks. As Veeran is very fast acting god, and so is this pooja’s result. Getting this ritual done will help you in the areas below –

  • Annihilate Enemies in no time.
  • Chase away evil spirits, paranormal activities, ghost entities
  • Remove dhristi (evil eye) and back luck
  • Solve land / litigation / property related problems that has come not just from humans but also due to vastu or hauntings
  • Solve relationship issues
  • Help get VISA smoothly, ensures travel safety
  • …and many more.

Single Padayal Pooja – Rs 13,000 (Base Power)

Moovar Padayal Pooja – Rs 36,000 (Powerful)

Pancha Padayal Pooja – Rs 65,000  (Very Powerful)

Nava Maha Sukshama Padayal Pooja – Rs 117,000 (The Ultimate)

Please note, based on the intensity & obstacles in your problem, the type of Padayal must be chosen for maximum effect. For eg; Just like, the medicines dose and variety will increase based on your body condition/disease type. Please check with us before ordering, for the correct type recommendations.

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