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Astrology Consultation




What is Astrology and Why we need it?

Astrology is that Divine Science Technology devised by our great Indian Sages to help humanity come out of their problems. Looking at the position of ones Planets, Stars and Zodiac signs, an able astrologer can track an individual’s course of life and forewarn about the upcoming events. Astrology also backtracks and says everything about your Past events, habits and other Vital destiny related information; so now we know how powerful of a tool this is. Science can never explain Astrology, as Astrology is beyond its comprehension. This is at a Soul & Karmic Level. You need to experience it, to believe it. Your Birth Chart reflects your Past actions and the outcome this birth, which an able Astrologer can decode & help you Mitigate. In Simple Words, Your birth Chart is like the underlying Source Code of a Software and an Astrologer is the Software Coding Expert who can help you Change the Code for good, through accurate Remedies.

Why Consult our Expert. Mekhala Jois?

Mekhala is a Certified Skilled Astrologer, Healer & Vedic trained Professional having over 20 years experience dealing with numerous kinds of birth Charts & advising Remedial Measures successfully. Her clients appreciate her for her spot on predictions and look forward to her guidance from time to time.  She is very compassionate and knowledgeable Astrologer who takes care of her Clients throughout, until they come out of their Problems. She explains clearly why the problem is Occurring and What karma is reason for that. This helps Client relate their problems against their Past Actions making them self realise and take corrective measures. Not only does Mekhala predict accurately, but also gives Remedies that works wonders for your nature, based on your Karma. Mekhala is an expert in Traditional Astrology – Parashara Hora Shastra, Prashna Jatakam, (Cowrie shells reading) and Angelic card  Reading as well. She also extends her help in facilitating a very unique Astrological Reading called “Nadi Astrology”, otherwise called “Super Science” a person’s full life reading (at Micro Level with pinpoint accuracy) etched in the Palm Leaves carved directly by the Sage Agasthiya himself 1000s of years ago. You can read more about her in the About us section

Why Remedies with us ? Why are we Unique and so successful in this area?

Like the multiple types of Readings we have, We also have a Wide Spectrum of Remedial Measures suitable for almost every Client & Issues. Since every individual energy and karma is different, not all  responds well to same remedies. So we don’t want to be limited with remedies. We see what is best for you & recommend. We not only Recommend correctly but also get it done for you through our well learned Priests & dedicated Fire Lab Centres. We provide the ritual’s Pictures/Videos/Voice Notes as much as possible for the remedies done through us. We literally have remedies for every problem of yours. Some of our remedials measures available are –

  • Authentic Temple poojas/Abhishekas
  • Planetary / Deva/ Devi Japa Chants
  • Tantric Talismans/Amulets/Kavach
  • Tantric Japa Chants
  • Conventional / Tantric Homas
  • Maha Padayal (ugra devatha related) Poojas, for fast aggressive results
  • Charity / Donations related remedies
  • Customised & Powerful Energised items.

Please do visit our Testimonial page for overwhelming responses from our dear Clients. Our success rate is phenomenal and counting more. Our only Motto is “Client Satisfaction First”.

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