|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Ask God – Karappuswamy




Lord Shri “Paalathu Karuppa Swamy” Readings

Lord Karuppaswamy is a very fierce and action oriented deity who hates to wait, to deliver. He is the god of justice and has absolute ZERO tolerance towards bad thoughts/people/evil. He is the ultimate performer god and sometimes, even the gods of highest realms redirect human’s requests to him to finish. Such is his might and compassion towards our plight. Being the magical energy that he is (Maha Vishu’s amsha), He is so well known for his super accurate predictions and remedies, where he works his magic. Usually his success timeline is between 3 weeks to 3 moon cycles, be it any problem of any magnitude as long as it is ethical (problems with progeny, marriage, work, business, wealth, litigations, inheritance, black magic, evil spirits, health issues, dhrishti, abroad settling, education, and beyond ). This is a reading session which we will arrange on your behalf, with our holy saint sadguru “appasamy” within whom, the mighty lord Karuppar himself descends IN and answers your questions, called as “Arulvaaku” in native language, meaning – THE GOD’S RESPONSE.

Cost – Rs 9000 
Max Questions – 3 per session

The answers and recommended solutions will be noted out in detail, and sent to you in PDF format.

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