|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Pitru Paksha Rudrabhisheka | Pitreshwar Mahadev| Shiva Pooja for Pitrs




During the Shraadh maas also known as Pitr Paksh, it is important to pray to the ancestors or the manes.They come down to bless you and partake the offering you give them. It is indeed of great significance to perform Rudrabhisheka to Shiv ji at Kashi – varanasi. Shiva has manifested in Varanasi in many Kashi Khandokta temples out of which the Pitreshwar Mahadev temple is particularly of great significance during this phase of life.

It is good for one to perform Rudrabhisheka with at least 3 brahmin priests  with panchamrit and ganga jal , offer vastra daan to brahmans with dakshina during this time. To book your Pooja call or WhatsApp – +91 9880139091

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