|| Om Shri Venkateshwaraya Namaha ||  
|| Om Saravana Bhavaaya Namaha ||

Energised Powerful JUPITER Oil




Energised powerful JUPITER Oil

These are high powered natural floral oils specific to each planet. There are roots / herbs / flowers very specific to each planet as told by our great sages and they emit their frequencies, when properly charged tantrically. These are extracted at right time, cleansed, energised using that particular planet’s quantum sound frequency and charged per ancient vedic text. Once charged with Japas & tantric procedures, these Oils will carry that planet’s good aspects and blessings. Using this, will heal you from that particular planet’s dosha astrologically and this planet will start favouring you. These come in 75ML bottle and lasts really long, smells pleasant. Just dab a little on your palm Or pulse points Or 2 / 3 drops in bath tub before you bath. This will do the magic. An entire family can use 1 energised bottle.

JUPITER oil helps in –

  • Mitigates Guru Dosha astrologically
  • activate chakras and helps you grow spiritually,
  • Attain prosperity and wealth
  • Gain knowledge and wisdom
  • Gives way for smooth marriage and child boon

1 Bottle of Energised JUPITER oil – Rs 21, 000. If all 9 are bought, then a good discount will be given.

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