|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Ketu Japa of 7000 sankhyas|Ketu Dosh Parihara|Ketu Dosh Nivaran


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Ketu Japa  7,000 sankhyas of Vedokta Mantra followed by dashamasha Gayatri is performed in your name, gotra, nakshatra and rashi. 

Who can get it done?

Anybody who seeks the Grace of planet Ketu in their life can get it done.

Normally if you / your near and dear ones are suffering from some of the problems mentioned below or if you are seeking solution in the following areas you may get this done –

  • If your chart indicates that Ketu is conjoined with other planets and hampering its functionality for example Ketu and Guru together causing Guru Chandala yoga or if Ketu is aspecting other planets and important houses in a chart thereby negatively influencing the functionality of that house. 
  • If your chart indicates sarpa dosh or kala Sarp dosh
  • To clear all obstacles
  • To conceive
  • To boost business- increase profits and wealth quotient 
  • To  get relief from cataract, cancer and body pains
  • Develop and nurture interest in occult sciences, astrology, knowledge of all genres.
  • Enjoy benefits of Ketu Dasha 
  • To reduce anxiety, disappointments and mental stress in life 

What will you receive as prasadam?

Mantra Akshata and Theertha Prasad 

PS:  You don’t necessarily have to be facing a problem or you need not be suffering from a dosha  to get this pooja done. If you seek the grace of planet Ketu, you should get it done. 

The effect of Ketu japa remains for a minimum of 3 years. 

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