|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Guru Japa | Guru Jaap| Jupiter Japa | Guru Bala




Jupiter or Guru is a major planet in the horoscope and it is very important to propitiate this graha. This pooja takes four days and 16000 japas are performed followed by Dashamsha Gayatri. Jupiter is the planet which bestows wisdom, hence this pooja helps people who are in academics. It increases the power of speech so teachers will be able to convey their knowledge much better. If this pooja is performed by those who are inclined towards spirituality, they will always be in GOOD COMPANY or in the company of wise and enlightened beings. They will also soon find a Sadguru to guide them on the path of spirituality. For people in power, the planet Jupiter bestows higher power and status like the portfolio of CM, PM etc. This pooja is also performed by couples who are desirous of having a male child. Performer gains peace and health.

Along with minimising the negative effect of the Gochara (Transit), the Pooja  will also help you if: 

  • Your birth chart indicate that Guru (Jupiter)  is conjoined with other malefic planets and is losing its power as well as functionality to give its best. 
  • To find your life partner or soulmate 
  • To beget a child / progeny
  • Your  birth chart indicate debilitated Guru – Neech Guru. 
  • Your birth chart indicates a retrograde – vakri Guru 
  • If Guru is 8th house lord, 6th house lord, 3rd house lord or 12th house lord for your Lagna. 
  • To excel in education
  • To attain wisdom 
  • To be recognised for your efforts 
  • To get promoted  
  • To get relief from liver, kidney, gall and spleen disorders 
  • To boost business- increase profits and wealth quotient 
  • To be successful in all aspects of life
  • To earn riches, gold and Vaibhav (Glory)
  • Enjoy benefits of Guru Dasha
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