Abhisheka to Mangala Shani | Shaneeshwara with his family


Shani transited from Makara Rashi to Kumbha Rashi on 17th Jan, 2023, 8:02 PM IST

*This transit indicates adverse effect on the following 6  Rashis for the next 2.5 years :

*Meena Rashi* : 12th Shani : Shatru Bhaya – *SAADE SAATHI BEGINS. 7.5 years of challenging phase* – Health issues may lead to hospitalisation, uncontrolled expenditure, tensions are expected. 

*Kumbh Rashi* – Janma Shani* – Shatru Bhaya – *SAADE SAATHI 2nd PHASE. Remaining 5 years of challenging phase*. 

*Makara Rashi – 2nd Shani – *Vyaadhi – Health issues, threat from enemies and opposition*-  Shatru Bhaadha – *SAADE SAATHI – 2.5 years remaining*. 

*Kataka Rashi*– 8th Shani- Mrityu Bhay – *ASHTAMA SHANI BEGINSChallenges from all quarters, fear, lack of confidence, The impact will be for 2.5 years.* 

*Vrischika Rashi* : 4th Shani – *Virodh* – Face opposition, enmity,  Shatru badha – *ARDHA ASHTAMA SHANI Begins. Challenging phase.  Impact will be for 2.5 years*.

*Rishabha Rashi*: 10th Shani- *Bhay and Dravya Nasht* – Fear and loss of valuables, business or financial loss, theft/ robbery


*The following rashis will have below average results :* 

*Simha Rashi* – 7th Shani – Bhay and Kalah – *fear and confusions* 

*Tula Rashi* – 5th Shani – Kashta Prapti – *Challenges, however better than the previous 2.5 years of ardh ashtama shani* 

*Mithuna Rashi* –  9th Shani – Karya Nashta – *Failure in all endeavours*


*The following Rashis will have favourable results due to the transit :* 

*Kanya Rashi* – 6th Shani –  Lakshmi Kripa – *Prosperity, financial and material gains* 

*Dhanur Rashi* – 3rd Shani – Dravya Laabh – *Material gains* 

 *Mesha Rashi*- 11th Shani – Laabh-  *financial gains* 



In this Pooja, Til oil abhisheka, Panchamrita Abhisheka, for Shani Bhagwan along with his family at Mangala Shanishwara temple  Pooja will be performed for Shani Bhagwan with his 2 wives – Jyeshta devi  and Manda devi,  2 sons – Mandi and gulikan 2 powerful upa grahas . 

NOTE: Jyeshta devi is the one who denotes – poverty and ill fortune and Mandha devi denotes – very slow movement in all aspects of life. 

Mandi and gulikan are 2 fierce  sub-planets which mostly create lots of disturbance in the house they are positioned in your native chart. Propitiating Lord Shani Bhagwan with family will confer blessings of prosperity, good fortune, good health, good relationship with everyone and many more benefits.

Cost Per Person : *Rs. 2800*

*All rashis can participate in these poojas to earn the benevolent grace of Planet Saturn (Shani).*