Pooja to cure fevers


This is a very powerful pooja that can cure all kinds of fever. Many of Poojas.in devotees or clients do get this done once in a year to prevent suffering from fevers. With so many different kinds of fevers prevailing all around, this is a sure protection. Special bhasma  or vibhuti is energised with a mantras and given as prasadam to devotee who gets this pooja done.

Videos of the homa is sent to devotees for their darshan. The results are often seen that a devotee who gets this done as a preventive measure doesnt get fever for atleast one year. With increasing cases of dengue, chikungunya and other life- threatening, contagious  viral fevers, this pooja is highly recommended for all.

All fevers related to vata, pitta or kapha are cured through this.

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