Lakshmi Kubera Homa for Wealth and Prosperity


Earn the grace of Goddess Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth and Kubera – the Lord of luxury and riches with this Puja.


This Havan/homa  is beneficial if you would like to earn riches through satvik means, dharmic means. This Pooja will be performed for 11 days. Paath will be performed by priests and vedic consultants who perform austerity.


For businessmen there will be a regular inflow of customers everyday and the anxiety of experiencing highs and lows will be completely eliminated and there will always be a constant and consistent increase in the business turnover and profits.


The lakshmi kubera havan  is also beneficial for educational institutions like schools, colleges, tution and coaching institutions in terms of increase in the enrollment of students.


For salaried employees, this Puja will boost their career by giving them the timely  increments that are rewarding and that they are due for. Many a times, people suffer from lack of recognition at work place due to politics in workplace. Therefore they also suffer as they are not adequately rewarded for the service or expertise they deserve. This Puja will definitely help the salaried employees  in getting increments. All hard work will be paid for and rewarded.


Stuck up finances will be released through this puja and you will recover your money that you are due to receive after doing this Puja.






Swathi Prasad 



I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support in helping me sail through my bad times in the last 1 year. I was miserable due to bad planetary afflictions from Career perspective & was prone to accidents as well. But your suggestions and conduct of powerful rituals made me escape them and now, finally the wait has proven worth it. I have joined as a Director now in a company which is good and to my liking. Only you know how much frustration I went through than anone else, as I was comfortable to share everything with you. You are an Awesome soul and please stay in touch. I do have some challenges in this job in terms of business expansion and etc for which I will keep coming to you for rituals and advice. I can never forget you and will not. You are an asset to and .


Thanks a million and God Bless you !



Swathi Prasad

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Lakshmi Kubera Havan