|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Panchamrutha Abhisheka to Lord Ganesh




“Panch” means 5 and “Amrutha” means nectar in Sanskrit. Panchamrutha Abhishekha is a Hindu ritual performed at all homes and temples, where the idols are bathed with Milk, Curds, Honey, Sugar and Ghee/Clarified Butter with the chanting of mantras.After every ingredient “Shudhodaka snana” i.e, pure water is poured on the idols.After the abhishekha the idols are cleaned and beautifully decorated. This will clear all obstacles from whatever previous faith you have practised. It cleanses the negative vibrations and prevents it from clashes. Its best to do it on a Sankastha hara chaturthi day.

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