|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Maha Jwala Sudarshana Homa




Maha Jwala Sudarshana Homa

Sudarshan is the ever luminating incredible discus held by Lord Vishnu. The powerful weapon, the Sudarshana Chakra is a gigantic disc having 108 serrated edges spinning at incredible speed non stop emitting enormous fire energy , cleansing everything in its way. If there is one divine thing in this world to reduce Sins to Ashes, this is it.  The word Sudarshana means auspicious vision and one of the qualities of the divine wheel is Pida Pradanam which means that it gives immediate relief to pain and suffering to the seeker. Another powerful quality of the chakra is Papa Nashanam i.e. destruction of sins quickly. This divine weapon is in the form of God Chakrathazhwar and is worshiped for protection, positivity , victory, great health, wealth, bliss and Salvation. There is nothing that cant be achieved through this elaborate Abhisheka and homa. Some categories for which this can be performed are –

  1. BUSINESS : Burn all Business related obstacles and enemies. Bestow huge profits and income.
  2. NEGATIVE FORCES : Relief from Evil energies, Spirits, Hauntings, black magic once for all. It safeguards you and your home from Voodoo, Djinn, Pishacha, Dakinee, Shakinee, Mohinee, Bhoota, Preta, Betala and Brahmarakshasa.
  3. LITIGATIONS: Victory in Court cases, land disputes, and Divorce issues
  4. EDUCATION: Remove forces blocking the academics and disturbing the concentration. Increases memory and grasping power. Helps get you the department / univ you want to study.
  5. FLY ABROAD LUCK: Helps you get through VISA process, opens up job opportunities in the country you want. Helps you settle there.
  6. LAND SALES : Helps selling or buying land, site, apartment with ease.
  7. RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS : marriage success, love relationships and more

Cost – 34,000 Rs

Invoked Deity – Lord Jwala Sudharshana (Vishnu energy)

Getting this done at our Powerful Krishna Temple makes this homa even more powerful, due to the very god’s vibrant energy residing there. You will be given the homa Raksha, Kumkum and energised unpeeled kumbha coconut. Just keep this at home and watch the magic happen.

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