|| Om Shri Venkateshwaraya Namaha ||  
|| Om Saravana Bhavaaya Namaha ||

Kamdev Vashikaran Talisman| Improve Relationships




Kamdev vashikaran talisman

Base level power. Rs. 15,600

Attract/ influence opposite gender for love and to control someone for positive purposes. The Tantric kamdev yantra inside this is prepared with a special ink and pen on bhojpatra to endow it with a unique power.

For challenging love cases and situations, higher grade talismans are recommended.

Pls Note: This item can be upgraded to a more powerful one (aggressive & fast acting) by increasing the number of tantric chants & Energising procedures. For a very complex case, we will include one more powerful Tantric Goddess of Love and Romance. Costs will vary. The yantra case may also vary depending upon individual requirement. 

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