|| Om Shri Venkateshwaraya Namaha ||  
|| Om Saravana Bhavaaya Namaha ||

1 day Gomatha Pooja (the Divine Kamadhenu Pooja)


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Gomatha Pooja (the Divine Kamadhenu Pooja)

Gou pooja represents the worship of Goddess Kamadhenu, the Gomatha. Cows also represents the ultimate wealth goddess, Sri Maha Laxmi. She fulfills all your wishes, removes your doshas, removes all negativity and bestow you with wealth, happiness, and prosperity in life. We perform an elaborate Gou Pooja ritual nourishing the Cows in our Goshala at Lord Krishna Temple. The Priest conducts honouring rites to the Cow, by decorating it with a garland , Vashthram & Kumkum. The Cow is then fed with Agathi greens and more items, to its content. Pooja is then performed with Laxmi Ashtothram Namavali chanting in front of the Gomatha and requesting it to bless the Customer. This is age old tradition and is a very powerful rite to endow the devotee with Health, Wealth and Peace.

  • 1 Day Pooja Cost –  3750 Rs
  • 3 days Pooja Cost – 11,250 Rs
  • 5 days Pooja Cost – 18,000 Rs

Performing for 5 days straight is very effective in nullifying the doshas and incurring huge blessings. Very effective in clearing the previous Sins quickly and the devotee suddenly feels a huge dark cloud lifted off his shoulder, paving way for fortune to come in. This has happened to our clients time and again !

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