|| Om Shri Venkateshwaraya Namaha ||  
|| Om Saravana Bhavaaya Namaha ||

Sundara Khanda Parayana- Hanumanji Pooja


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Sundara khanda is the most beautiful part of Ramayana. Here we get to know the glories of hanuman ji – his strength, vigour, valor, power, command over language, presence of mind or awareness, how he mindfully exhibits his Siddhis and how he brings a turning point to Ramayana itself. 

So if you are looking for a turning point in your life, if you want to gain strength to face life, if you want to accomplish all tasks, if you want to give yourself hope just like lord hanuman , if you aspire for good health, good quality of life, perfect sense of wit and wisdom, fight enemies, attain victory, improve financially and achieve what seems impossible. Go for this pooja. 

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