Aditya Hrudaya Homa

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Aditya Hrudaya Homa


A Very powerful havan to invoke the blessings of Lord Surya bhagwan through parayan (paath) of Aditya Hrudaya followed by dashamsha havan. The benfits of this havan are as infinite as the rays of the sun.

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From an Astrological point of view :

Surya is the devata head of all 9 planets, his influence on other planets is very important for a human being. This havan helps all those who have shathru badha.


Pitru Dosh Nivaran :

Those who have pitru dosh as Surya is Pitru Karak, it is also recommended for those for whom Surya is the 6th house lord or the 8th house lord.

This homa is an absolute must for Makara and Meena ascendants.

For Shathru Badha Nivaran: 

It was prescribed during the time of Ramayan by Rishi Agastya to Lord Rama to chant this and be empowered to win over the Asura Ravan, it has proven to be the most powerful way of invoking blessings of Surya Bhagwan for those suffering from Shathru Badha.

Important Benefits : 

It is also proven to be beneficial for those who want to bag government contracts or get any work done through government or government agencies.

He bestows good health, vitality, and intelligence. He eradicates all worries, prevents mishaps, blesses you to earn a good name, fame, recognition, long life, absolves all our sins, gives us intuition, knowledge and guides us on how to solve our problems, he gives us glow.

Lord Agastya has declared Surya Bhagwan to be Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Kubera, Skanda and Mahendra too. So, propitiating Surya Bhagwan is as good as bestowing all 33,000 cr gods. He is Pratyaksha Devata.


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