|| Om Shri Venkateshwaraya Namaha ||  
|| Om Saravana Bhavaaya Namaha ||

Pooja to Resolve career issues| Raja Shyamala Homa| Sarva jana Vashikaran Homa | Dasha Maha vidya Homa




This is a pooja to set right your career prospects, growth and opportunities. Go on attraction mode and attract food fortune your way !

Who is the goddess we must pray to?

Raja Matangi also known as Raja Shymala or Matangi from the dasha maha vidyas. She is the tantric goddess. Raja Shyamala Mata is the divine mother – one of the 10 Dasha Maha Vidyas or 10 tantric Goddesses.

Why should I do this Pooja now?

Being dedicated to worshipping the great goddess helps in getting a job, setting right career prospects if you have already been issued a pink slip by your organisation.  She sanctions all your prayers immediately when you invoke her through a havan or homa.

What are the benefits of Praying to the Divine Mother- Raja Shyamala?

  • Getting a job
  • Change of job
  • Shift  gears in career prospects
  • If you are aspiring for a promotion, this pooja will get that done.
  • Develop power of magnetism to attract people, business, money, prosperity and success
  • Convincing power of speech and vaak siddhi
  • Facial glow and beatitude
  • Acquire new skills and talents
  • physical safety and Protection from animal bites.
  • Attract people from opposite gender
  • Vijaya Prapti – Success in all endeavours
  • Profits and profitable situations.
  • Gain knowledge and supremacy over knowledge to have an edge over others especially in matters of profession.

Raja Shyamala Homa is a very powerful invocation and a God given opportunity to strengthen our career prospects, give it the right boost with divine blessings and chase our dreams the way we aspire our career to be.

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