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Santana Prapti Pooja


Spiritual Remedy for child birth-  This Pooja is recommended for those aspiring parents who have

-Not been able to conceive due to medical reasons


-Experienced miscarriage/s in the past and do not want to take a chance again. 


-If planets are not conducive for you to have a child, we may recommend additional poojas for the 5th house lord or the lord influencing that. 


-If you have pitru dosha, this Pooja will help you along with additional remedies. 


-If you have already had your first child and are waiting for the second bundle of joy to join the journey of your life. We may advise remedies for 7th house lord or the planet influencing it along with this Pooja.  


-If you are ready for a child and you want to seek divine blessings for the same.


-Did the doctors say, "Both of you husband and wife are normal and can have a child". But, still you are not able to? - OUR POOJA WILL HELP YOU !



What you can expect from :  

Special Pooja will be performed specifically in your names to eliminate the ‘Doshas’ or malefic effects of planets that are creating blocks in conceiving.

The ‘Santaana Gopala Mantra Japa’- a powerful chant prescribed by our scriptures for begetting children, will be done by priests who practice great austerity for 48 DAYS AT A STRETCH. You will see the effect of this pooja also WITHIN 48 DAYS!  


If necessary, the mantra will also be initiated to the couple through audio file. 

Why delay the sweet moment of cradling your new-born in your arms? Your child is waiting for your warm bosom- bring home your bundle of joy with Santaana Praapti Pooja. 


All you need to share with us are:

Full name of the couple, Date, Time and Place of Birth, Birth Star (optional) of both of you, gothra.


Please Call us at  :  +91 9740230579  or +91 9880139091  

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your child is God's gift to you, but waiting too long for this gift to be yours can be traumatic. Put an end to this agony by performing the ‘Santaana Praapti Pooja’.



Vishweshwara Hegde



This pooja gave my family bundle of joy that was long awaited. My daughter in law was unable to conceive for 8 years and we had gone to all kinds of doctors and pandit ji's also. We performed various pariharas and nothing worked. After we got this done, everything has changed in our life. The couple are now blessed with a baby girl and both mother and daughter are healthy. Everybody is happy in the family and there were no complications also during delivery. thank you for having such poojas they are EFFECTIVE.


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