|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Maha Vashikaran Stone and Amulet| High Powered Talisman Package for Love | Partner Attraction| Soulmate Attraction




This is a high grade Talisman prepared with very rare herbs and energised with high level Tantric mantras & procedures done for several nights as per the ancient Indian Tantric text as guided by the great Rishis. These can be used for the below purposes , but in a positive way only. This package comes with a powerfully charged beautiful Stone & an accompanying Pendant for effects to last long. Very easy to use & powerful, that this can even make the hardest of the heart, to melt.

  1. Get back a Lost Lover for genuine relationships
  2. Convince / Pacify a long gone lover and attract him/her back
  3. Control your Lover / Spouse, for ethical reasons only
  4. Influence your team / boss / friend / coworker
  5. Influence / Control your neighbour / relatives / siblings
  6. Enhance / Mend existing relationship and motivate reunion

Please note: the same product comes in different grades depending upon your case. If you sign up for a consultation, you will be guided on which grade would suit your requirement and the cost for the same as well.

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