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Putra Kameshti Homa


Santaana Praapti Havan- Also known as Putra Kameshti Havan - Remedy for Begetting Children


Following homas are performed in the aspiring couple's name and star : 


Putra Kameshti Parameshwara japa homa

Angaraka japa homa, 

Nagaraja Homa (To ward off any naga doshas that could be the cause of no issues so far)

Santana Gopala homa 

Putra Kameshti Durga mantra homa 

Purusha Sookta homa


Your child is God's gift to you, but waiting too long for this gift to be yours can be traumatic. Put an end to this agony by performing the ‘Santaana Praapti Homa’.


This special havan will be performed specifically in your names to eliminate the ‘Doshas’ or malefic effects of planets that are creating blocks in conceiving.



Japas are performed in the first session and havan or homa is performed in 2nd session once the japas are complete. 


You will see the effect of this pooja also WITHIN 48 DAYS!


Why delay the sweet moment of cradling your new-born in your arms? Your child is waiting for your warm bosom- bring home your bundle of joy with Santaana Praapti Homas. 


All you need to share with us are:


Full name of the parents, Date, Time and Place of Birth, Birth Star (optional) of both of you.


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