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Astrological consultation is divine interaction between the astrologer and the client. When a person shares his deepest problems with an astrologer, he is not just expecting for a consultation. He expects the astrologer to be understanding and caring too.
A few days back I took a consultation from Mekhla Ma’am regarding my career. By far, this is the only proper consultation I have got. It was very personalized. The predictions were very accurate. The best part is the way she talks & explains. In her voice I could feel that she understood my problems. She directed me towards the correct path. She also suggested me proper remedies.
After hearing the consultation, I sent her some follow up questions. She promptly replied all of them and was willing to answer more if I had more questions. Even though she is super busy but not even for once did she back out on answering my questions.
Then I asked her to do a few japas for me. After I made the payment, she took the initiative to start my japas the very next day on an urgent basis as I was unemployed. She made sure that I get the benefits of the japas as early as possible. That shows how much she is concerned about her clients.
From my interaction with her, I can surely say she is an honest, professional, caring & concerned astrologer. I must have done some punya in my previous life that I got a chance to interact with her. May god bless you and your team so that you can provide such great service to the needy.”
Thanking you,
Prakash Rathod
Prakash Rathod