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Sarpa Bali Pooja 2021| Visha Sarpa Drishti Dosha Nivarana| Naga Devata Pooja


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Protect yourself from Visha Sarpa Dosha with Sarpa Bali Pooja. “Sarpabali Pooja – Drishti Dosha Nivarana Pooja” will be held on July 12, 2021 for  Lord Nagaraja – The King of Serpents. This pooja is done only once in a year in the Month of Midhunam on Ashlesha nakshatra (Ayyilyam), by special priests from Kerala. This is basically pooja for protection from all negativity (kavach).

Rituals Performed: Sarpa Bali Pooja, Payasa Naivedyam, Pushpanjali, Palam noorum

Who should get it done?

According to ancient scriptures, “Whatever be the house occupied by Rahu – Ketu in your horoscope, it is better to worship them and do sarpabali (pooja to them or offerings to them)” . The displeasure of Nagas will result in skin diseases, incurable diseases, late marriages, untimely abortion, belated pregnancy, eye diseases, births or defective children and dispute among family members. The displeasure of Nagas are caused due to destruction of Sarpa Kavu (meaning Abode of Snakes) in many ancient families in previous lifetimes.

  • The harm done in earlier births to serpents or the earth comes back as the curse of snakes. This curse afflicts one’s progeny, family life, health and riches.
  • Many a times, while driving we may have hurt snakes or sarpas on the way. This also attracts doshas. We suffer and we will not be sure why we are suffering. SarpaBali Pooja removes that dosh and relieves us from this suffering.
  • The main intention behind sarpa bali pooja is that  man must become aware of the harm he is doing to the earth and the environment knowingly or unknowingly. Every time one spits on the earth or makes the ground unclean or digs the earth – though for an inevitable reason – without offering apologies for so doing by way of thoughts connected one is inviting the curse of snakes.
  • Abuse of earth and dumping waste on usable areas of earth and waterways also invite the wrath of Earth by means of Sarpa dosha.
  • Wherever one is born or in whatever faith one is born, the sarpa dosha caused by his action needs to be remedied.
  • Serpents signify earth as they live beneath the earth in cool areas where water-veins are found and where trees are found. Water and trees are natural wealth that need to be taken good care of. When man harms these natural sources voluntarily or involuntarily or uses these natural sources for his benefit, the habitat of snakes also gets affected. This is primarily how the curse of snakes takes place.
  • Another way of looking at sarpa dosha is that if the earth is harmed by digging for whatever cause, it hurts Adisesha who is bearing the earth all the time. Adhisesha is a personification of the force that keeps the earth as a stable one in a stable path around the sun. Any slightest disturbance caused to earth by scratching or digging is a harm caused to earth or Adhisesha. That is why any digging activity must be preceded by a pooja or propitiation to the earth. When not done so, it also attracts sarpadosha.

Sarpabali will be performed along with offering of Milk as Naivedya to Nagaraja in Kerala.  It  is a Hindu ritual of worshipping Lord Nagaraja on Ashlesha nakshatra or Ayyilyam star. It is mainly performed to appease Ashta Nagas and ward off evil effects of Sarpa Dosha and Dhristi Dosha. It acts as an Insurance against problems. The pooja helps to get rid of skin problems, find suitable life partners for unmarried girls/boys; progeny for those having trouble with pregnancy, get rid of incurable diseases and overall prosperity and well-being.

To make bookings, please confirm with payment before July 10, 2021

Cost Rs. 2800 per head.

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