|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Runa Hartru Ganapathi Japa| Mantra to clear Debts| Pooja to clear Debts| 10,000 sankhyas




It is a powerful Japa of the Runa hartru Ganapath mantra. This japa helps in clearing all debts- karmic as well as financial,  when chanted for a minimum of 10,000 sankhyas.

If you are in the following situation, this japa is recommended for you:

  • Financial commitments and debts
  • Bank loans or personal borrowings
  • Entangled in relationships and if you feel you are suffering for no fault of yours (You will be suffering due to karma badha or Runa Badha).
  • Unable to repay instalments and meet your financial needs
  • Borrowing frequently
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