Pooja for success in Business| Shiva Pooja for Business| Career Success| Profits



Pooja to Excel in business, attract high profits and fortune.

Ayyampettai Sri Sundareshwarar Temple

Presiding Gods : Sri Meenakshi sametha Sundareshwarar

Speciality :

Lord Shiva and Parvathy themselves did business here
Lord Shiva holds the balance and Goddess Parvathy holds the measuring cup for trading purposes.

Benefits :
1. High Success in business / trading ventures
2. Start new businesses
3. Increase the profit flow
4. Removes blocks/ obstacles in existing business
5. Clear all Wealth and family Inheritance related issues
6. Get back your outstanding money due from others

Rituals to achieve success in business : Abhishekam, Archana and Vasthra to Shiva and Meenakshi Devi

To register for the rituals Rs. 13,000 per head.