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Overcome fear of death and ill health

Sri Vanjiyam
God : Vanjinadheshwarar Swamy
Goddess : Sri Mangalambika

1. Separate shrine for Lord Yama. Shiva blessed Yama as Kshetra Palaka and vahana
2. Ganges was cleansed of sins and pains. She resides here called Gupt Ganga
3. Rahu and Ketu sculptured out of a single stone. Milk turns blue when done abishekam. This is also Rahu Ketu Sarpa dosha sthala

Benefits :
1. Removes the fear of death
2. Eliminates all health problems related to previous birth’s sin and doshas
3. Increases longevity of life
4. Cures even the Rarest of rare diseases, heals physical pain , wounds, injures at rapid rate

Rituals : Abhishekam, Archana and Vasthra to Vanchinathar, Mangalambika Devi & Lord Yama