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Hanuman Languli Kavach Paath | Hanuman Pooja for Protection | Pooja for good health


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The powerful hanuman languli kavacha paath which caters to all requirements be it for good health (Sarva roga shanti) ,  Bhoot Pret nivaran, will power, gain mental strength, protection, avoid harrasment and trouble from people, overcome fears or achieve the impossible. It is a 11 days paath where each day the languli kavach path is recited 11 times. It is prescribed by Sage Vashishta in Sri Hanumad Purana. Hanuman ji is invoked for blessings through his tail.

hanuman languli kavacha paath contains 23 sacred verses potent with beej aksharas and mantras. It is best to start this on a Tuesday or a Saturday and continue for 11 days.

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