|| Om Shri Venkateshwaraya Namaha ||  
|| Om Saravana Bhavaaya Namaha ||

Akshaya Tritya Pooja 2024 -pooja for golden prosperity




Akshaya Tritiya Specials 2024 – Reap the Day of GOLD

Get home the never diminishing financial Windfall & Good Luck through the Blessings of Sri Swarna Maha Gaja Lakshmi Devi. On this Occasion of Akshaya Tritiya (May 10th), we are performing the divine rituals while energising a beautiful “Laxmi silver coin” for you at Ma Gaja Laxmi’s own power spot. This is energised to attract and manifest a Devi who is incharge of exotic Ornaments, Jewels, luxury and financial stability, the Swarna Maha Gaja Lakshmi. These silver metal coins are not only dear to Devi , but her planetary subordinate, Shukra (Venus). These coins will then carry the blessed energy of both Devi and Venus. Possessing these energised item will help you with –

Continuous Cash flow
New Job Opportunities
Gold / jewels accumulation
Business uprise

Just keep these in your Pooja Altar, Wallet or Cash Box and watch the Magic happen . Honouring these coins every friday with Dhoop is enough to maintain the energy levels.

Don’t miss this Once a Year Golden (“literally golden”) opportunity.

Last date to sign up for the pooja : May 7, 2024
Cost of Pooja Rs. 3900 per person

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