Vidya Yashas Pooja

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Vidya Yashas Pooja


Pooja for excellence in education

This is a Puja performed by invoking Devi Ma Saraswati – The Goddess of Wisdom and Learning. It is performed for a period of 11 days. It is either started on a Wednesday or on a sadhaka tara day that suits your star – the tara bala, vidya bala, daiva bala and other factors that will enhance and stabilize the growth of child/ student in whose name the puja is performed.

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Who can get this done ?

▪Any student who aspires to get successful results, who wants to excel in academics should get it done.

▪It is advisable that students who are unable to concentrate, comprehend and are finding it difficult to get good marks in subjects that appear tough for them should get it done.

▪Students who are in the turning point of their life - be it class 10 or 2nd Pre-university will be benefited by this pooja.

▪Students interested in going abroad for higher education or under graduation course can get it done to get an opening in the university most suitable for them.

▪Students who are confused about choosing the right stream of higher education will get clarity after getting this pooja done.

▪Its best for those students who lack motivation or those who are not interested in studying and who waste time excessively watching tv, playing video games or are loitering.

▪This pooja also sharpens the intellectual quotient or IQ and raises the level of awareness in students.

▪Students interested in tapping their skills and talents in the right manner - be it academically or artistically - painting, music, dance, etc will be benefited through this pooja.

▪This Puja is be helpful for students who are poor or below average in certain subjects.

▪To handle peer pressure successfully and remain untouched by it, perform with flying colors.

▪To get a mentor or teacher who can guide you at every step to achieve your goals.


The following details are required for the pooja sankalpa

Full name

Date, time and place of birth

Nakshatra and Rashi


What is your intent or wish to get this pooja done ?

What will you receive as prasad ?

You will receive the Vidya Yashas Pooja sankalpa theertha, mantra akshata and sugar candy offered as naivedya to Goddess Saraswati as prasad.

Spiritual reference for the pooja : Mantra Paath Initiated by Kanva Maharishi

Reviews : 

aparna |


I have booked this pooja with the intention that my son performs well in his studies especially after the poojas. I believe in God and God's powers more than human efforts. I just pray to Ma saraswati to bless aaryan to do well in exams.

Gayatri R |


This is a very effective Puja. My totally distracted son was able to concentrate in his studies only after this Puja. He was all the time with his friends. I knew my son was intelligent but he was distracted by his friends circle. After this Puja he is coming home by evening and studying. He has also scored well in his internals.


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