|| Shri Palathu Karuppasamy Jayam ||

Shathru Samhara Subramanya Homa




This powerful havan or homa is to tackle all negative elements that are enveloping you and not allowing you to grow. If you feel your hands are tied due to your enemies. Do you feel you have people around you who are causing harm to you? Do you feel you dont have well-wishers around you? Both your enemies known or unknown to you, hidden or open, all are vanquished by the great Lord Senadhipati Subramanya Swamy. Known to have already vanquished several asura or demonic forces, he will take complete care of you and protect you from all miseries caused by your enemies.

We invoke him with special mantras to receive his grace and protection.

Book this pooja if you have your finances blocked, if your health is deteriorating, if nothing is moving in the right direction, if you are bogged by evil eye or jealousy, if you are facing competition or challenges, if you are derailed from your career or family, if you are cheated…

Remember Shatru Badha can affect you in any way and every way. Do not ignore the symptoms.

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