Happy Clients Say

 I was referred to Mekhala by a friend. The whole process was very seamless and quick. I was able to get in touch with her, give her my questions, and she got back to me in 5 days. She sent all her readings in voice messages and was available multiple times for any questions that I had. Her explanation to the readings were comprehensive and thoroughly understandable. I did go with the remedies she offered, very happy with those services as well. Very prompt and sent me pictures/videos of the rituals too.

If you are thinking of getting a reading from Mekhala, you should go right ahead.

Abhi S

Manager of IT Applications, Columbus Ohio

Mekhala has been a wonderful astrologer. She’s quick and prompt with her responses. She provided very good insights into my destiny, strengths, weaknesses and things that I should focus on in my life. She also helped me gain clarity about certain aspects of my life. I will definitely seek out her services again in the future!

Kit W

Consultant , Columbus, OH

I found out about Mekhala through a friend. I reached out and gave her my details for a reading. In a few days she sent me a 22 minute voice note. Her reading was very clear and professional. I must admit, she was spot on in many aspects of my life. She has a way of communicating information, good and bad, in a comforting manner that I really appreciated.

Her readings have helped me tremendously in my life. If you are looking to get your horoscope read by her and are on the fence about it, I would highly recommend that you give it a go.

Karthik Mohan

Software Engineer, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Hi, I’m Adrian, an entrepreneur in Tampa, FL USA. I started working with Mekhala about a month ago and it feels as though I’ve met a new friend on the other side of the world. She has a very personal approach while working with you on revealing great and profound aspects of your natal chart. It goes beyond receiving information, her soothing voice will set the atmosphere as though you are consulting an oracle and the insights will leave you with great clarity.  I was able to get direction on how to reach my personal and professional goals as well as help to remedy aspects that would impede my progress. I feel a noticeable shift in my energy and I’m looking forward to continued friendship with Mekhala and I will keep you posted with my progress.

Adrian Philon

Entrepreneur, Florida, USA

It is a blessing that I met Mekhala Ji. I met her in my most pressing and testing times. Both my personal and professional life was in a state of flux. Anxiety and internal agitation was the norm I was undergoing everyday. Then I contacted Mekhala Ji for my horoscope consultation, post which she suggested remedies. The remedies were meticulous planned with an eye for detail during sankalpa and in the process of execution of poojas. Post completion of all the remedies suggested by Mekhala Ji, I am able to see a visible difference in scenarios that I face everyday. It has helped me regain my confidence. Really wish I had met her couple of years ago. She is more of a personal guide/coach who makes you/help you realise your true potential through poojas/remedies. I sincerely wish Mekhala Ji lots of wishes and more power to her. Thank you so much Mekhala Ji for all the support and assistance.

Balasubramanian C

Senior Research Analyst, Trade & Strategic Affairs (China and South East Asia)


My husband Goutham and I got our charts read from Mekhala. She was extremely professional and timely in all her  responses. She addressed all our questions & concerns that we asked and explained everything in great detail. The analysis she made on our charts were very relatable to our life. She was very patient while answering our follow up questions. She recommended remedies for our problems and also helped us find the right person to perform the rituals. Both Mekhala and the priest are very knowledgeable and performed the rituals wonderfully. 

This was the first time we got our charts read and we are extremely happy with everything. We strongly recommend Mekhala for anyone looking for a wonderful astrologer.

Thank you Mekhala akka.

Swathi and Goutham

Both work as engineers, USA

My feedback about the super star astrologer  Mekhala Jois.

First of all I really want to thank  her not because she solve my problems !!but she is the first person of all astrologers whom I have met,  who has guided me on the  truth path.  She really said truth about the main problems I am facing and also prescribed solutions. Believe me she does not like to waste time she will say what the problem is straightforward that’s what I liked the  most about her after all she is ready to answer all your questions even after weeks if you have any questions she will be there for you ! 

I feel you will meet a person like her only  when you have performed a  good deed in your past.  I  have finally reached my destination just because of her! If you want to succeed please choose her.  All her pooja  services and vidhi are standard and very effective . Her priests are really No 1 They mention each and every problem of kundali on sankalpa. 🙏🏻 she is always there for you every moment 🙏🏻

Mitesh Dahyabhai Ahir

Panama City , Electrical Engineer

Hi everyone, 

This is Ravin from Fiji islands and I lost my wedding ring.

I did consult Mekhala madam in this regard. She guided me as to how to go about chanting this mantra and get benefits of it.

I started with this lord karthaveeryarjuna mantra with great faith for my wedding ring to be found. With only 14 jaaps (1500 mantras) I found the ring. It was a very happy moment for both of us me and my wife. My wife was really happy as this ring was a strong bond between us. I am going to complete my jaaps to make it 12000 as advised by Mekhala madam. Thanks to lord karthaveeryarjuna and Mekhala madam for the great advices.

The YouTube video for this mantra is really powerful and yes surely whatever you have lost will be retained. Just follow Mekhala madam’s advise really well. 


Fiji Islands

“ I came across Mekhala mam through her Youtube video about Tantric attacks and remedies.

I am at a point of time I have tried everything to come out of the situation I am in. It all started with my divorce a couple of years ago and how everything keep going wrong in my life one after the other and her video made sense. And my guess was right as she also analyzed my chart and it came out that I am also being unfortunately affected by such evil attempts by jealous people in my family and friends circle.

Also her explanation about my planetary positions, doshas and their effects and how its fueling the obstacles and difficulties in my life all made sense.

Her predictions about my life and problems were shockingly accurate.

I also lost my job which I really loved due to Covid and is struggling to find a good job opportunity as I am someone who is very particular in choosing the right job and organization for me that will fulfill me.

I am at a point in my life I have tried almost everything including Gemstones, Rudraksha’s, Talismans, Poojas and nothing seemed to work for me. I was losing hope and then somehow decided to give this a try. I am feeling very confident about the Poojas and Pariharas that she suggested and decided to go with it one by one as I am in a situation I cannot do all at once in this moment.

I have full faith in her as her approach was very noble and gentle and felt she wants to genuinely help me.

Hoping for the best and looking forward to associate with her in the long run. “



My 2nd feedback : I would like to share a personal experience with you guys. My mother, 86 and my sis in law 54 tested positive for Corona, were rushed to hospital, for stabilization. Clots had started forming . Now along wid doctors n modern medicine, it was time for prayers . I immediately wrote to Ms. Mekhala Jois of Poojas.in, Banglore . Have known her since last 3 yrs n found her to b honest n sincere unlike so many others. She was kind enough, started doing Devi Khadgamla Stotra , never asking for any fee etc. Mother is ok n home, sis in law tested negative n likely to b home soon. Sis in law was a miracle , on 14 th she was on oxygen, getting breathlessness and today, in one night stunning improvement. Though to b honest m not a staunch believer in all this yet sometimes circumstances force you to seek help which is beyond the frontiers of science. Not sure wat to say but yes, Devi Ma definitely listens to her and thank you God bless Mekhala Jois. 
Praveen Verma

New Delhi

Mekhala is a very sincere dedicated and a caring soul. Positivity oozes out from her.She takes personal interest of all her clients and while we message to her she promptly respond as if she is a close friend and suddenly suggest a remedy for that. Her chart analysis were bang on and after the poojas she suggested I am sure the results too will be in favour. A Sisterly soul felt connect immediately when I called her on my birthday on morning after having lost my lucky ring. She replied its her birthday too and I paid for karthaveerarjuna pooja and by evening my lost ring re-emerged from no where . I Feel connect with her is so special for me and am sure that she will be a guiding light for me in my all future endeavors –
Thank you maam

Arun Dayanand

Government Servant , Kerala

I felt ur way is Genuine professional… As what others do they first predict the past predictions attractions technique to grab client attentions, u did not do any tricks like that… U were straight true nice awesome…. Practical .  Truly predicted, I can see ur predicted predictions.. karmic practical life facing that’s y I said nice true.

Garima Gupta


Best reading of horoscope I have ever had in my life so far, professional way of analysing birth chart and predictions are 100% accurate.Good presentation skills.

N.Jayasree Lavanya

Senior Manager, Real Estate, Bangalore

I have used astrology and Pooja Services of Poojas.in since 2014 and have had astonishing results !

1. My career got a huge boost and until today have a great job with top IT company. Prior to this I had a job but my job satisfaction was very low.

2. My daughter’s academics took off and she got great results with admissions to IIMs and top MBA colleges abroad. 

3. The abundance and peace of mind at home has grown several notches.

The services come with tremendous professionalism and transparency thanks to astonishing service provided by Mekhala. 

I strongly recommend them to literally turnaround one’s life. 

Sharad Talwar

Vice President, Persistent Systems

We  know Mekhala Ma’am from almost a year. I was having some health issues from march  when I  contacted ma’am. The way she supported me during my rough times was very good. By the good poojas, she recommended and the way her team of priests performed the poojas, I  recovered.  When I was happy that I am okay my husband suddenly fell sick. He got tested positive for Covid. He was in very bad condition for many days… physically as well as mentally in the state of depression as he was in isolation for over 20 days. His will power was going low. Then I reached Mekhala ma’am for advise. She checked his birth chart and sent a voice note to us assuring that he will recover and he is blessed with a long life. After listening to these assuring words, faith, confidence and willpower grew in both me and my husband. 

Mekhala ma’am advised us to do a certain number of chants of Khadgamala, Mrityunjaya and  Dhanavantari japas followed by yagnas in my husband’s name and star. Diligently the poojas were performed by her team of priests in India and the sankalpa audio as well as videos of the havans were sent to us through WhatsApp. After watching them and listening to the chants,  our self confidence grew further.  On a daily basis, like a family member,  Mekhala Ma’am enquired about progress in my husband’s health. The way she takes personal interest in offering the service is really good. I really think she is sent by god to  help people like us.   My husband has recovered fully and is healthy now.  The secondary test results have also been negative which is all because of God’s grace, effort of the priests and Mekhala ma’am…ma’am god bless u and ur family all the time and thank you for your genuine services. 

Kartheeka G

Works as an Administrator , Dubai

Mekhala is a very learned and beautiful spirited soul. Her astrological perspective is quite detailed and very in-depth . Have been interacting with various astrologers for the last two decades but none of them have been so ritualistic and deep routed in their approach towards their clients. She is quite sensitive and understanding to her client needs. One of her unique output is to give these voice recordings promptly. It’s really helpful as one does forget many a times about the forecasts in general.

Her set of priests are also very dedicated and passionate. Under her supervision the right Sankalp’s are done which are an integral ingredient for success of poojas subject to the goddesses wish. Infact I wanted so many things in my Sankalp and everything was very well incorporated. Lastly she is ruthless for her way forward which in a away is good, as, she has been recommending the right things.

Overall a very good experience and I continue to have her guidance. 

All the best to her.


Tarun Nigam

Media Consultant , Gurgaon, Haryana, India