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“I had lost something precious given to me by my mother and I was distraught, and that is when I can across this Pooja forum called I truly believe in Lord Karthaveeryarjuna, and decided to request a 12-day Pooja. It had been a week since I misplaced the item and searching everywhere didn’t give any result, so I lay it all in God’s hands. I spoke with Mekhala and once, the payment went through and soon after they started the pooja, my husband informed me that the item that was lost was found !!! It was within couple couple of hours since the Pooja started and I couldn’t believe it at all but it is true. I am truly greatful and if god wills hopefully I shall recover few other lost item.

Thank you Mekhala for quick response and to start poojas at such short notice and priests 🙏🏼 for effectively conducting the poojas. ”

Neerajha Nagarajan

Bio - Researcher, USA