Happy Clients Say

Hi Mekhala, 

I still believe it was the divine power who guided me towards you when I was going through a rough patch in life. I deeply value your guidance and advise on spiritual and ritualistic levels as one of your suggestion was to do the Pratyangira havan. The day I decided to do the pooja and go along with the payment proved itself to be a fortunate day. We had put one of our properties for sale for a long time, and a deal  was struck and finalised. We were going through major cashflow crisis. The property getting sold was a huge relief. Following this, we had a few great news such as our son getting a job which was one of our primary concerns while contacting you for the first time. Even though he will have to go through a number of governmental process before saying he has secured a job, getting an affirmation/ acceptance from the company is a huge game changer. This happening after 1 year of searching for a job is a huge thing for us. We then thought of getting a car for our son and the right car came to us. Earlier such things would take us months of searching just because luck factor was not on our side. Literally it took us only 3 days once we first had the thought to get him a car and got him one. I still remember asking you for checking if at all it is the right time to buy a car for him. The very same night of receiving your reply he got his first  car. Mind you we were asking him to make up his mind to get a car for 4 years. This was all happening when the Prathyangira homa was going on. 

The next thing that happened was were were working on a big business deal for quite some time and all of a sudden things got approved. We were behind this deal for quite some time and things at that time were going on at a slow motion pace. The decisions were made and suddenly everything was on fast forward mode. Even though it is a long procedure, Pratyangira devi has blessed us by making us jump across some major hurdles. 

I am eternally thankful to you for guiding us in the right direction and encouraging us to do the right things which has benefited us in many ways. I know you have asked me to write a review, but my dilemma was that everyday I am experiencing a new blessings and how can I write one incident ? Whatever problems were hurled  at us  as a family as taken out of our path and I know we have the divine mother’s blessings. Some things are beyond words and we have to experience it to understand it. 




Trivandrum, Self employed

I came across this website- poojas.in while desperately searching for an astral relief. My agenda was only to get a Pooja performed at that time. Mekhala Ma’am was prompt in her WhatsApp response, unlike other astrologers, who behave like a sales person. She just shared the basic details of the process and I went with it.

However, as time passed by, and with an elevated frustration, I decided for an astrological consultation. Prompt as she is, I was given a timeline of three days but the message was delivered immediately the next day. The kundali chart was explained in detail in layman terms, though there were setbacks in my chart, there was hope at the end of the tunnel. She reassured me of good days and fulfillment, provided I believe in her recommendations.

Well the rituals as recommended have commenced with divine positivity, and I hope I am relieved of my pain and fulfilled with sweet tangy joys in the form of miracles. Thank you, Mekhala Ma’am for your guidance, patience and reassurance. You are that ray of light, especially to unfortunate people. Highly recommended!

Mahalaxmi Iyer
Mumbai, India

Mahalaxmi Iyer

Banker, Mumbai

Astrology, more particularly horoscope was an untouched aspect of science which I never wanted to even look at its surface forget digging deep. This I did significantly because of the fear associated with it.. the fear of knowing something which I thought is ought be unknown. Thanks to Mekhala who  helped me understand that planets or their planetary positions are not elements of fear but a science that can help one look deep within and bring about greater understanding of self. Her analysis of my birth chart is so accurate that now I know how I can attain excellence in every aspect of life. Mekhala is definitely one of those who has brought a totally new perspective to this science. It is because of her that I no more have this fear of astrology and it is because of her my opinion about astrologers is no more biased. She is a thorough professional and it is a blessing to have her as my guide in understanding this science.

Kruthika H R

Company Secretary , Bangalore

It has been a life-changing experience seeking Mekhala’s guidance. It is life-changing because suddenly there was immense clarity on various aspects of my life and the energies pushing it. With this clarity, I was able to take some important decisions pertaining to my daily routine and my spiritual discipline and well-being as suggested by Mekhala which would have positive effects on other aspects of my life.

Mekhala’s reading of the birth chart is scientific and very precise. Her explanations are very clear and her suggestions for pariharas are purely left to the individual’s choice and budget. Moreover, Mekhala’s explanations of each parihara give you a complete picture of why you should get some poojas done and give you a complete understanding of the situation and of astrology itself.

The Madurai Veeran pooje that was recommended to me has brought a sense of peace to me.

I look forward to a long and sustained journey with Mekhala under her sage guidance.


Research Scholar, Delhi

Hi Mekhalaji, 

I just want to say a huge Thank you to you for the clarity and professionalism with which you have done my reading.

You have been spot on with your account of my life and have pin-pointed some important points and events throughout this journey called “Life”!

This accuracy gives me immense confidence to do the remedies you suggest.

I love the way you send an audio message because this enables me to refer back to the message whenever I want to.

I have asked you questions to which you have responded promptly and with kindness.

You are a genuine person who simply wants to help and you have such a dedication towards your profession which makes it a blessing to have these days, especially as there are so many fake Astrologers around who are only interested in monetary gain.

I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you 🙏



Self employed , UK

Dear Ms. Jois, Namaskaar.

This is with reference to Poornima Puja and Cow pooja we did on June 14 for my multiple health issues.

I wanted to share with you something very positive.

its been 3 days and i feel as if tons of positive energy is flowing thru me, i have never felt like this before so just wanted to check if its ok , was feeling a bit scared. Have never felt so positive and just raring to go. The negativity is much less.

I have done till date almost 40 pujas at various Temples, Jyotirlings but overall was a non believer. Done with lot of skepticism but this pooja done through you has been a totally different experience.

Now i think there is definitely some sort of energy that can be tapped if done properly.
Thank you so much!!

Praveen Verma

Business Consultant, Imports and Shipping , New Delhi

Mekhalaji was so responsive and helpful throughout the consultation process. She c ares deeply and builds trust instantly. Her readings are so spot on and insightful. I truly believe with her guidance I can ride through the highs and lows of life. God bless her. I blindly trusted her and did all the timely remedies. They gave me the results that I was looking for. Two instances I wanted to highlight:

– I was going through a rough patch with my job search due to visa issues. I had find another job in a different country in a short time. The timely remedies really helped and found the job that I wanted

– I had my work visa lost in transit due to address change. I was in a precarious situation with no hope. I reached out to Mekhalaji immediately. She immediately within minutes arranged for the karthaveerya arjuna japa. Within days I was able to trace the document which was so critical. I’d highly recommend people to do this japa. It’s foolproof and works without fail. I’d like to highlight that doing it on time was very critical to get immediate results AVK Toronto



I came across Ms.Mekhala Jois ji when I watched her video on YouTube which was pertaining to runharta ganapati stotra. I liked that video so I decided to take astrology consultation from her.

Ms.Mekhalaji analysed my horoscope and suggested me some basic remedies which were very cost effective.

Due to that remedies my problems were cleared and am feeling really good.
Ms. Mekhalji is very very prompt to answer any questions which I have asked.

I look at Mekhalaji as a mentor in life at every stage . I Really thank her for her ongoing support. I will surely recommend her name for astrological guidance and wish her all the best.

Vishal Dhase

Senior Associate, Airline Industry, Pune

I came across Ms. Mekhala Jois when I first saw one of her YouTube videos. Astrology is something that I am really interested in. I found her videos to be very informative and genuine so I decided to consult her for having my husband’s birth chart read. Her predictions were very accurate and she helped me understand the reasons behind it. She also provided a wide array of solutions to some of the issues in my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested.

Jyoti Jagtap


I stumbled upon Ms. Mekhala in YouTube and saw her website and testimonials and felt that I have reached a right person to answer my queries. Mekhala analysed mine and my husband’s horoscope accurately and I’m very happy with accurate analysis. It gave me insights of how things would be in future and what I can do to improve certain aspects of my life. Mekhala also suggested me a chant which is helping me a lot and I can see changes happening slowly. I would surely recommend Mekhala for her detailed analysis and soothing voice. The interaction with Mekhala was very good and also she never hesitated to answer my multiple doubts after the analysis was done.

Wishing Goodluck to Mekhala 👍



Business Partner, Photography industry, Bangalore

I was searching for some remedies online and I came across poojas.in website & I contacted Mekhala Ji through what’s up & email. She replied back and I talked to her on the phone and right away trust was build. She is very wise & straight forward.

She told me right away that if you want to get this remedies (Pooja) done, I can do this for you but it doesn’t give any guarantee (very low impact). She didn’t want me to waste my money. In today’s business world no one tells you that don’t waste your money. If they are getting business from you. This thing made very good impression on me and my trust in her grow. Mekhala Ji wants to help people and seems like that’s her life goal.

After that I gotten quite a few Homa, Pooja & Japa done from Mekhala Ji and she always stay connected and keeps you in loop and tells you the time and date for the Pooja/ Homa/ Japa. She always send the video clips.

I am very thankful to Mekhala ji for proving these services for us.

If I could rate Mekhala Ji , I will rate 5 out of 5.



Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share my experience with poojas.in. I am an educator by profession and presently going through a rough patch. I was looking around to get some professional astrological advice.

I came across Mekhala’s video. To explore more I emailed her regarding the consultancy. She was very quick to respond to my email and explained the entire process of getting a consultation via audio clip.

I want to share my experience of getting the reading done. After I reached out to her with the desire of getting my Astro reading done, she gave me a day and time for the consultation. It was a quick process,I got a consultation date within 3-4 days. On the day of my appointment, I received a voice note with the reading/remedies.

I had a lot of questions and reached out to her via audio note and text messages. She was very prompt in responding to my email/text messages. She answered each of my questions with patience and all her logical explanations were easily understood by me.

The consultation process might seem a little unconventional, but Mekhala has been very quick in responding to all my queries. She has been very sweet to accommodate and answered all my queries. 

I was a little sceptical initially but to my surprise this process proved way better than the live consultation- I have everything documented in a form of text/image or voice note, which I could refer to at any point in time. I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything, as I can always go back to the recordings and clear my confusions. It is pretty interactive, as the response time has been very quick. 

Mekhala did an excellent spot on reading for me and suggested a few remedies to correct my Dashas. She has been extremely professional and empathetic. I would highly recommend her for astrological reading. 

I have done some of the remedies suggested by her. She arranged a day and time for Homas and Japa’s as per my nakshatras. She shared short videos/audios of all the Sankalpa’s, Homa’s and Japa’s. The Sankalpa’s were very detailed and included everything discussed in the reading. Her team of Priests are well versed with Rig-Veda mantras along with many other significant rituals, and I am so looking forward to positive outcomes. 

Thank you again! Mekhala.

Anu Singh

Educator, USA

Ms. Mekhala Jois is extremely well versed and experienced in the practice of astrology. I contacted her to have my birth chart read, and received a very detailed and exact description of the details and circumstances of my life as well as sage advice on how to manage my future and the upcoming challenges I will be faced with. I would recommend her expertise to anyone seeking professional assistance in this field.

Pranav Mysore Nagendran

Research Assistant at the institute for social and economic change, Bangalore

I have found Mekhala Jois to be very organized, methodical and very well informed in all the work she undertakes.

Before I found her, events in my life were spiraling out of control at a rapid rate.  I was panicking and none of the things I did, made any sense, anymore.

I found Mekhala, while browsing through the internet one day.  I am glad I did.

She did a complete set of graha related havans and other additional poojas as well.  Every step of the way I was kept up to date and Pooja samples were sent to me, via Whatsapp.

I feel much calmer and organised now. Things seem to be making sense to me and fitting into place. I definitely will give her more follow-on work and recommend her to anybody.




Srinivasan Pandaram

Sydney, Australia