Happy Clients Say

Hello Madam, My brother left home last week without any intimation. We were in tension for him. We tried to searched him everywhere including our relatives and his friends but no luck. I watched your video on you tube and contacted you. My sister started chanting Karthaveeryarjuna mantra under your guidance and it’s miracle happened. She chanted mantra for 2 days, daily 1000 japas. First day she got message from his mobile and next day he called her and 3rd day morning, 6 AM he came at home. Thanks a lot Madam.

Megha and Mahesh Wangane

Mumbai, India

Life kept going in a circle …. events repeating and I kept sulking and blaming not knowing the reason… blamed myself most of the times, then my family …. but the final relief and understanding happened after speaking to Mekhala, who gave me the clear picture of the entire scene. And just like that all the pieces fell right in place! All blames put to rest!

Mekhala’s analysis is just bang on. She is a blessing!

Sometimes this is all we need to sort out that mystery or when not knowing which path to choose or the answers to our Major WHYSs …..

Thank you dear.

Priya Pillay

Bangalore, India

I didn’t have a job when I first contacted Mekhala ma’am, in fact earlier I had taken a break from the existing one to get into business. Things didn’t work as expected and I was broke. Ma’am advised me to stick to my same line of career in a job, as it was the best fit, based on her readings. She also suggested, if I was determined to get into business she would give the solution for that too. I chose the first option. And after her remedies, I could prepare really well, it was a long gap hence needed some upgrading on my end. Having all done that was required, I had 2 offer letters in hand, on the day of my birthday. I know when coincidences happen, it’s actually the divine grace that’s making its presence known. Yes, this is coming from a person who was an agnostic for years together.

I got to know Mekhala ma’am in 2019 through one of her informative YouTube videos during my spiritual exploration (due to the lessons, life was teaching me at the time). I contacted her instantly and got the astrology consultation done. She sent a very descriptive report through multiple WhatsApp voice notes which was amazing, there was clairvoyance in her predictions, she also added suggestions on how to move forward. I had so many questions and spoke with ma’am the next day to get more information.

The best thing is, she has good patience, she listened to all my concerns, queries and suggested a few remedies such as planetary japas followed by a few homas. I had requested to physically attend the votive fire rituals myself, which were organised in Tamil Nadu. For which all the arrangements of travel and stay were taken care of. The rituals were performed diligently by a team of 4 priests and took 4+ hours. Overall a very good experience.

Within a few days I started seeing the results. They were very subtle to begin with, like one can think all the good that’s happening in life is purely with the mundane efforts. But when I looked back after 6-7 months, I realised quite a lot had happened and it integrated so well, as if it was a part of my life.

Not only financial gains but the whole other things changed. The work was smooth, there was success everywhere. My wife’s passport got done swiftly. We also had troubles related to progeny in the past. So I contacted ma’am again. She suggested a japa remedy of lord Krishna and soon we were blessed with a baby. All the solutions and remedies have worked really well for me.

 She has always been a good support for me. She’s always there for me, whenever I need moral support, I call her for any help I need. In fact during the journey of pregnancy, she also arranged a call from her known doctor, when we were not confident to go for the elective delivery which was suggested by our doctor. Empathy is more important and everything doesn’t always have to be transactional. I look at Mekhala ma’am as a mentor in life at every stage and I state this as a proclamation!

Raj H

Software consultant , Bangalore, India

I came to know about Mekhala through my daughter.

I found her readings to be accurate as she had correctly mentioned what had happened and what I should expect ahead. It is like a guidance for me. She is very clear and lucid in her readings . I was impressed by her knowledge in depth. Thanks to Mekhala

Padmini Menon

Retd Assistant Manager, worked for a PSU, India

I was stuck in financial issues since many years, what ever the remedial measure I used to do didn’t find it helpful. After consulting Mekhala maam , as per her advice I chanted one mantra given by her as I was not in a position to get done homas or any puja or Japa. She advised me to chant it 1,25,000 times.  I chanted the mantra myself. Even before completing 1,25,000 sankhyas, within 30 days of starting that manthra I was able to come out of financial problem to some extent and was able to create new sources of income. I am writing these sentences with gratitude. 
Thanks Mekhala maam for valuable guidance. 

Dr Akanth

MBBS DOMS DNB , Kollegal

Our family was facing financial and health related issues. Once we contacted Mekhala, she suggested us to get the Sudharshana homa done in our house. Right after the homa was completed, I received a great news from my company on the salary hike. Health condition of my parents has improved to a great extent. Thank you Mekhala for helping us out.



I approached Mekhala Mam after I watched her YouTube video. Her videos brought the ray of hope . I decided to  give  a  try before making any harsh decisions in life.  

I’m so glad that I could reach out to Mekhala Mam on the Same day during the worst moments of life when I felt almost every personal and professional life decisions I made in past with good clarity started making me regret in every possible way. 

Though I have been very unfortunate for more than 7 years, but now life seemed to be on the edge as one after the other bad things started happening which made me feel lost, depressed and stressed where I couldn’t handle anymore and felt like giving up. I wasn’t sure what was the problem, after I got my birth chart read by Mekhala Mam, she explained me the planetary positions, doshas and their bad influence on me. knowing the reasons for all my problems and the advise from Mam has got be back to life and tackle the situations. She is so patient and kind in answering all my questions. 

I have started  working on the remedies recommended one at a time and eventually looking forward to get all the remedies done.

I would highly recommend Mekhala Mam for her great services in horoscope predictions and providing remedies. 

Mekhala Mam is the answer for my prayers from God!!



My brother-in-law Arun introduced me to Mekhala Ma’am. Later after watching her YouTube videos, I was more convinced about her approach and outlook about life, not just as an astrologer but also as an individual.

There was a lack of inner peace for almost a decade. In India, my career was also not going for the period. As a last resort, I moved to Germany for MBA and start fresh, but here also the story was the same. That’s when I meet Mekhala Ma’am. Her chart reading was on point about my past and personality. There were some entirely new insights from her, which were not mentioned by any other astrologers. She also cautioned about a few aspects for the future, which I already see working for me. Equally important was her perspective as a friend that helped me to get clarity on the path forward. I am working on her remedies one at a time.

I also did a consultation for my brother, which was equally impactful. Her services are professional at the same time you could approach her as a reliable friend.

I really appreciate her support and would highly recommend her for the great service.

Adarsh Premnath


Hi, my name is Geno.  I was going through a bad stage of my life as things people were given me a hard time, but I knew it was from bad effects from planets that was causing these types of problems, so I came across Mekhala who did a reading for me and it was really clear some planets were creating problems in my life .I even tried a few other readers but got some of the truth, but Mekhala did a reading for me and some poojas for me and things are looking up for me and my Family.

I live in Florida USA

I would recommend to anyone who is unsure to get a reading from Mekhala she is really good at finding the problem and the team to fix it 💯

Geno Poitier

Writer, Miami, Florida, USA

For a long time I was searching through many online portals to give poojas but I found most websites not thorough in detail and the reviews were not exactly good. 

I am happy that I got to know about poojas.in and Mekhala mam. She has been very helpful and has updated me regularly regarding Pooja proceedings. 

I must say I am starting to see some difference in my daily life. The atmosphere at home has become quite positive and there has been a sense of calm in my house after a long time. 

I will keep u posted on my progress in future. Thank you Mekhala mam.

Warren Correa

Consultant Civil Engineer, Udupi

Namaste Mekhala ji. I have been in touch with you for about a year now. Your association and guidance has helped me navigate through some challenging times. It definitely helped me gain strength over my overall well being. I am greatful for your support and guidance. People like yourself definitely make a difference in our society. Thank you 🙏

Manish Sharma

Self Employed , Kolkata

This is Kavita and Suresh from Abu Dhabi. Due to this covid-19 situation, lockdown and the economy slow down, we both had a very frustrating time altogether  both personal and professional areas. Then Suresh got to know about Ms. Mekhala and approached her with our charts . We were really amazed by her reading  whatever she said was exactly what we were going through . This really helped us  in avoiding some decisions which would have been worst . We really recommend Ms. Mekhala as we realized after her readings and listening to them we had a great relief and a positive aspect towards life .

Kavita and Suresh

Suresh works as an "Account Manager" in an ad agency and Kavita works as a Specialist Organizational Development & Total Rewards, Abu Dhabi

During this pandemic since lot of temples are not taking pooja seva from devotees, I was searching online portals to check for poojas and thus i found poojas.in

I opted for horoscope analysis from Mekhala mam before beginning with poojas and i must say i made the right choice. Her analysis is detailed with pariharas that could possibly reduce or get rid of problems.

Having started  working on the recommended pariharas one at a time, i am hopeful eventually that once all of them are done there should be a possibility to experience the brighter side of life.


Bengaluru, Karnataka

I got Mekhala’s reference through my brother. She is “spot on” in her predicttions. At one point, while I was listening to her predicttions about my career, I felt.. “Hey! I dont believe you don’t know me. You cant be so damn right about me”🙄. The explanation she gives behind every aspect seems very accurate. The flow in which she touches about every aspect is very professional and comfortable.

Nagashree Rahul Rao

Senior Process Executive at Cognizant, Bangalore