Change your destiny with astrology consultation.

There is a lot of implicit trust that goes into choosing a professional astrologer. After all we are planning life further based on evaluations of birth stars and changing influences of cosmic energies.

What We especially appreciate about her (Mekhala ji) is her ability to explain the planetary transits and influences in a simple to understand manner. And the predictions she makes is based on the peculiar positioning of the planet or its influence!!

Thanks for your excellent and exhaustive report and detailed response to all our follow up questions and queries. We found the analysis to be extremely insightful and beneficial.

Communicating with Mekhala ji is like discussing with a professional vedic astrologer… giving a feel of being with a well-wisher!

We are greatly moved by the wisdom given to us which has guided us in a way that our perspective of life is completely changed!!!

M. Rajj.

Mumbai, Procurement and Supply Chain Manager (Oil and Gas Industry)