Dr. HV Arundhati
Dr. Arundhati H V

My journey with Mekhala over the past five yrs. Has been god sent. She keeps me updated with the planetary changes & important calender dates when specific poojas at specific temples could get added benefits in this fast paced life..where everyone is so caught up with a routine .since we cannot personally go 2 these far off temples  here is a forum online offering poojas pariharas & Prasad at ur doorstep. Im thankful to them for keeping me abreast with the important. Poojas the year round & suggesting pariharas for major planetary changes. God bless & thank you

Anupama misra
Anupama Misra,

“The videos of poojas.in have been very insightful in understanding our spiritual traditions. Their guidance and pujas have contributed positively to my spiritual growth in the past five years. I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to their entire team. May the divine bless their endeavours always!”

Archana Krisna500_mini
Archana Krishna
“Poojas.in is a wonderful experience for those who believe in bringing in positive changes in their life. My life is changing for better ever since I consulted Mekhala. I see life more optimistic. Now, good and better things happening. I started my journey from being confined to home to becoming an entrepreneur and savvy business woman. Thanks to Mekhala who has positively influenced me so much in this journey. 
She means much more than a spiritual consultant, a good friend to me now. Looking forward for many more beautiful things to happen in my life.  I recommend poojas.in to those who want to experience noticeable positive changes and bring about shift in their lives”.
Shailaja Jujjala
Entrepreneur and Head of Educational Institution

My relationship with Mekhala started with the Karthaveeryarjuna Pooja in the year 2014. I found satsangh.org (now known as poojas.in) online and tried their services in good faith. I  found effective results. I had lost my precious gold bangles which I got back after getting Karthaveeryarjuna pooja done through them. Since, then, I consider them as my friend, philosopher and guide for all religious and spiritual needs. I value the timely guidance given by them during various festivals on what poojas need to be done. I also take up their astrology consultation often to check on how the present planetary positions are as per dasha and transits and do appropriate remedies through them. I have sought their services for a good date to buy a new car, start new business, buy new property, boost son’s education and career prospects and more. I appreciate their prompt service and privileged service to their loyal clients. I receive all their prasadams regularly for the yearly pooja programs I have signed up. Overall I can say they are professional. I am also happy to contribute to their growth by refering many of my friends to them. I know they are appreciative towards me for that. I wish them all the best to continue their good work. ”. Mrs. Shailaja Jujjala, Entrepreneur and Head of Educational Institution, Hyderabad.

Mayuri Ailawadi_edited
Mayuri Alwadi
Works in the Travel Industry

“Pranam and Sai Ram.  Mekhala mam has been my sister and guide since 2014 .She has guided me with her healings and the poojas she has done for me .Theta healing she has done for me changed my life .The poojas she recommends to me I  always do as a know she will always do the best for me.  I want her to guide me always I never take any decisions in my life without her guidance”.  Mayuri Alwadi,

aparna pendse_mini
Aparna Pendse
Travel Management Professional. 
“Mekhala has been my spiritual companion, friend, guide throughout darkest period of my life . You can rely on her for sage advise , accurate interpretation of Karmic Highs and Lows . Her support and communication has had significant part in how I faced problems and tried to come out of Professional suicide . All the best . She is one of the nicest persons I have known . Being genuinely nice is a rarity in today’s hyper competitive world”
swapnil joshi
Swapnil Joshi
Works in Banking Industry

Namaste – I would like to share my experience with Poojas.in.
Was going through really rough patch in year 2013 however I came across Poojas.in and consulted Mekhala Maam. The remedies suggested by her were purely practical which could help anyone in today’s modern times.The tips and suggestion provided by her are a really blessing to me and has made my life very positive and blessing. All the best to Poojas.in”.

Ashok Kumar Singh
Ashok Kumar
New Delhi
Senior Management, Manufacturing Industry

“I have been associated with Mekhala Jois and her institution since 2014.I came in contact through some Ad published in a newspaper.  It was really not easy to believe anyone you don’t know and that too on such matters where everything starts from belief. In my first interaction it self, over phone I could understand that she could understand completely what was my goal and how could she help me getting there.
I was having career issues those days but was keen on building up my capabilities to sail through the rough period. She helped me through providing support  by suggesting different pujas  and accurate evaluation of my horoscope. It really helped me to respond to right things in my career and now I can say I am more than happy with whatever I have achieved. Life is a journey and I still striving to Climbing the career ladder and good thing is that I believe that I can do it. Apart from my own efforts to improve myself,  Mekhala’s guidance has kept me going”.

swathi prasad
Mr. Swathi Prasad
Business Head,Leadin IT company

Dear Mekhala,

How are you? Hope all is well. I am delighted & compelled to write yet another feedback on your services. I don’t know where to start with. All the rituals were/are working evidentially. You have the best priests around & wide category of Poojas/Homas/Remedies for almost all types of problems a human can face. Your follow up, arranging of priests, ownership & customer relationship continue to impress me making me come to you for more & more divine. And the way you go that extra mile for clients shows your ultra care for them (remember, many things you did for me in Kashi as a customised request; cant forget that Mekhala, Thank you !! ). I always consider you as a God’s Gift to me, so I can use your suggestions/services to keep on fine-tuning my future. After experiencing the results from your services, I feel the line when people say ‘Its all Fate’ isnt true. Ofcourse its Karmic, but you show us the way to come out of it through Divine intervention. Because the expertise your team has not just in Recommending the right remedy, but the perfection in performing it is Unbelievable ! I can literally feel I am sitting during the homas, just by listening to their chantings & seeing the videos you send. and then what follows is, Results right off the Bat.

And yeah, my colleague I sent to you for her family’s Black Magic problems, confirmed me that she is starting to see differences & things are settling down slowly. This is a great help !! We saved a family from Grave Danger !!

I will keep coming to you, and please do stay in touch !!

Thank you,

God Bless !

Swathi Prasad

Dhirendra Singh, Dubai
“Although I was bit hesitant to opt for online booking for Poojas but I was assured of the proper videos to be sent. Madam was easily approachable and answered my numerous queries at ease.
Somehow my faith in these things have been bestowed to a great extent and I have developed trust for the services offered by www.poojas.in. Keep continuing the good work and be honest & transparent just like you guys are. Look forward for your guidance and blessings”.
Barsha Mohanty

At the time of difficulties and sufferings, every possible ray of hope appears to vanish from your way. Positive aspects turns into negative. Frustration, sadness, irritation surrounds you. In that moment of time you search for something which will bring back the lost happiness to you and your family.
Being honest Mekhala ji and poojas.in proved as a blessing to me and my family. The Poojas and homas suggested by Mekhala ji was quite effective and for everything to get settled it takes time. The healing process is on.
Mekhala Jois is a very approachable person with lots of of patience and positivity in her and her words. She is very concerned for the well being of her client. Thanks a lot Mekhala ji for analysing and finding a way out for my problems. Keep providing your blessings and guidance to all.
Er. Barsha Mohanty, Orissa.

deepti Tarakanath
Deepti Tarakanath
Shifft Films
Founder, Creative Director

“Mekhala is a thorough professional who really wants to make a difference to your life. Her forecasts, her clarity and her attention to detail are exemplary. Poojas.in is the place for any and every Pooja especially if you don’t know where to go.”

Geoffrey Garland
Lives in Athens, GA, USA

I cannot speak highly enough of Mekhala Jois.  She is a fantastic adviser and friend to have as one travels the Path of Return.  Infinitely patient, Mekhala is incredibly generous with her time and advice.  Although I’m a westerner, I now experience a high level of comfort when seeking assistance from Vedic methods.  

Mr. subramani
Mani Subramani

Our experience with Poojas.in has been wonderful and fulfilling. Mekhala’s astrological predictions and the subsequent remedies have been life changing and very beneficial. Mekhala explains everything in very simple terms, provides alternatives as well in the event we are not able to perform the suggested remedy. Living in USA it feels good to be connected to spiritual roots via Poojas.in thanks to Mekhala. We have been learning a lot from the YouTube channel as well.

padmini haldankar
Padmini Haldankar

“Poojas.in is a wonderful site.Have been an atheist but due to tremendous problems dat I faced,I tried and had got a pooja  done for my son and it has helped a lot! It was an amazing  change.Since then I have become a follower. Also all d YouTube  explanations and guidances on various age old mantras and japas is so very informative! Thank you Mekhala u hv been so loving, compassionate and patient with me.Thank u🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼Love u”