Our experience with Poojas.in has been wonderful and fulfilling. Mekhala’s astrological predictions and the subsequent remedies have been life-changing and very beneficial. Mekhala explains everything in very simple terms, provides alternatives as well in the event we are not able to perform the suggested remedy. Living in the USA it feels good to be connected to spiritual roots via Poojas.in thanks to Mekhala. We have been learning a lot from the YouTube channel as well

Mani Subramani

Lives in the USA

The videos of poojas.in have been very insightful in understanding our spiritual traditions. Their guidance and pujas have contributed positively to my spiritual growth in the past five years. I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to their entire team. May the divine bless their endeavors always!” 

Anupama Misra

Writer, Mumbai

“Poojas.in is a wonderful experience for those who believe in bringing in positive changes in their life. My life is changing for the better ever since I consulted Mekhala. I see life more optimistic. Now, good and better things happening. I started my journey from being confined to home to becoming an entrepreneur and savvy businesswoman. Thanks to Mekhala who has positively influenced me so much in this journey. 
She means much more than a spiritual consultant, a good friend to me now. Looking forward to many more beautiful things to happen in my life.  I recommend poojas.in to those who want to experience noticeable positive changes and bring about a shift in their lives”

Archana Krishna

Entrepreneur, Bangalore

“I have been associated with Mekhala Jois and her institution since 2014. I came in contact through some Ad published in a newspaper.  It was really not easy to believe anyone you don’t know and that too on such matters where everything starts from belief. In my first interaction itself, over the phone, I could understand that she could understand completely what was my goal and how could she help me get there.

I was having career issues those days but was keen on building up my capabilities to sail through the rough period. She helped me through providing support by suggesting different pujas and accurate evaluation of my horoscope. It really helped me to respond to the right things in my career and now I can say I am more than happy with whatever I have achieved. Life is a journey and I still striving to Climb the career ladder and good thing is that I believe that I can do it. Apart from my own efforts to improve myself,  Mekhala’s guidance has kept me going”

Ashok Kumar Singh

Senior Management, Manufacturing Industry, New Delhi.

Our experience with Poojas.in has been wonderful and fulfilling. Mekhala’s astrological predictions and the subsequent remedies have been life-changing and very beneficial. Mekhala explains everything in very simple terms, provides alternatives as well in the event we are not able to perform the suggested remedy. Living in the USA it feels good to be connected to spiritual roots via Poojas.in thanks to Mekhala. We have been learning a lot from the YouTube channel as well

Padmini Haldankar

Choreographer, Mumbai.

“Mekhala is a thorough professional who really wants to make a difference to your life. Her forecasts, her clarity and her attention to detail are exemplary.
Poojas.in is the place for any and every  Pooja especially if you don’t know where to go”.
Deepti Tarakanath

Founder and Creative Director, Shifft Films

“Pranam and Sai Ram.  Mekhala mam has been my sister and guide since 2014. She has guided me with her healings and the poojas she has done for me. Theta healing she has done for me changed my life.T he poojas she recommends to me I  always do as of know she will always do the best for me.  I want her to guide me always I never take any decisions in my life without her guidance”.

Mayuri Ailawadi

Works in the Travel Industry, Mumbai.

“Mekhala has been my spiritual companion, friend, guide throughout the darkest period of my life. You can rely on her for sage advise, accurate interpretation of Karmic Highs and Lows. Her support and communication have had a significant part in how I faced problems and tried to come out of Professional suicide. All the best. She is one of the nicest persons I have known. Being genuinely nice is a rarity in today’s hyper-competitive world”

Aparna Sachin Pendse

Travel Management Professional

“Although I was a bit hesitant to opt for online booking for Poojas I was assured of the proper videos to be sent. Madam was easily approachable and answered my numerous queries at ease.

Somehow my faith in these things have been bestowed to a great extent and I have developed trust for the services offered by www.poojas.in. Keep continuing the good work and be honest & transparent just like you guys are. Look forward to your guidance and blessings”.

Dhirendra Singh


I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support in helping me sail through my bad times in the year 2014- 15. I was miserable due to bad planetary afflictions from Career perspective &  was prone to accidents as well. But your suggestions and conduct of powerful rituals made me escape them and now, finally, the wait has proven worth it.

I have joined as a Director now in a company which is good and to my liking. Only you know how much frustration I went through than anyone else, as I was comfortable to share everything with you. You are an Awesome soul and please stay in touch. I do have some challenges in this job in terms of business expansion and etc for which I will keep coming to you for rituals and advice. I can never forget you and will not. You are an asset to Satsangh.org and  Poojas.in. Your astrology predictions are spot on and brilliant.

Thanks a million and God Bless you! 

Mr. Swathi Prasad

Director in a leading MNC

“My journey with Mekhala over the past five yrs. Has been a god sent. She keeps me updated with the planetary changes & important calendar dates when specific poojas at specific temples could get added benefits in this fast-paced life..where everyone is so caught up with a routine .since we cannot personally go 2 these far off temples  here is a forum online offering poojas pariharas & Prasad at our doorstep. I’m thankful to them for keeping me abreast with the important. Poojas the year round & suggesting pariharas for major planetary changes. God bless & thank you💐 
Dr. Arundhati H V

Gynecologist, Bangalore.

Namaste – I would like to share my experience with Poojas.in.
Was going through a really rough patch in year 2013 however I came across Poojas.in and consulted Mekhala Maam. The remedies suggested by her were purely practical which could help anyone in today’s modern times.The tips and suggestion provided by her are a really blessing to me and has made my life very positive and blessing. All the best to Poojas.in” 
Swapnil Joshi

Works in Banking Industry, Mumbai

My relationship with Mekhala started with the Karthaveeryarjuna Pooja in the year 2014. I found satsangh.org (now known as poojas.in) online and tried their services in good faith. I found effective results. I had lost my precious gold bangles which I got back after getting Karthaveeryarjuna pooja done through them. Since, then, I consider them as my friend, philosopher and guide for all religious and spiritual needs. I value the timely guidance given by them during various festivals on what poojas need to be done. I also take up their astrology consultation often to check on how the present planetary positions are as per dasha and transits and do appropriate remedies through them. I have sought their services for a good date to buy a new car, start new business, buy new property, boost son’s education and career prospects and more. I appreciate their prompt service and privileged service to their loyal clients. I receive all their prasadams regularly for the yearly pooja programs I have signed up. Overall I can say they are professional. I am also happy to contribute to their growth by refering many of my friends to them. I know they are appreciative towards me for that. I wish them all the best to continue their good work. ”

Mrs. Shailaja Jujjala

Entrepreneur and Head of Educational Institution, Hyderabad.

I consulted Ms Mekhala Jois  after consulting several other astrologers in the past.  She was extremely honest and meticulous/ explained the situation beautifully with depth. Definitely, she has a thorough handle of the subject and the prescription was also very precise. I would highly recommend her. Her Priests are highly knowledgable and are vedic scholars which is a rarity.


Former CTO and CIO , Reputed MNCs

Astrological consultation is divine interaction between the astrologer and the client. When a person shares his deepest problems with an astrologer, he is not just expecting for a consultation. He expects the astrologer to be understanding and caring too.
A few days back I took a consultation from Mekhala Ma’am regarding my career. By far, this is the only proper consultation I have got. It was very personalized. The predictions were very accurate. The best part is the way she talks & explains. In her voice I could feel that she understood my problems. She directed me towards the correct path. She also suggested me proper remedies.
After hearing the consultation, I sent her some follow up questions. She promptly replied all of them and was willing to answer more if I had more questions. Even though she is super busy but not even for once did she back out on answering my questions.
Then I asked her to do a few japas for me. After I made the payment, she took the initiative to start my japas the very next day on an urgent basis as I was unemployed. She made sure that I get the benefits of the japas as early as possible. That shows how much she is concerned about her clients.
From my interaction with her, I can surely say she is an honest, professional, caring & concerned astrologer. I must have done some punya in my previous life that I got a chance to interact with her. May god bless you and your team so that you can provide such great service to the needy.”
Thanking you,
Prakash Rathod
Prakash Rathod


Friends, I was down with many issues, mental and physical. I was fighting these problems with my back to the wall.

One day while surfing the net I came across this site poojas.in. Curious I checked the site and was amazed when I went thru the site. So much knowledge !

I contacted the person whose name n number was there on the site.

Maybe god had listened to my prayers and a highly intelligent and knowledgeable lady, Mekhala Jois responded to my questions, honestly and in a most humble manner. Amazing was her knowledge. Did not charge a single penny. Did not get bored even though I bombarded her with so many questions.

Now she has become an inseparable part of my life, whenever I have a query which basically translates to ‘ Why me’ o God, I immediately whatsapp her for strength n support. I have no qualms in saying that she is my Guru, mentor.  A very sincere, humble, honest astrologer and a knowledgeable woman. One must try her poojas n guidance for betterment in life. I wish her success from bottom of my heart . May God bless her.

Praveen Verma

GM {Retd}, Singhania Group, New Delhi

I found Mekhala on youtube after viewing her video about how to use spiritual power to help us to return the debt. I was attracted to her immediately for the way she talks. She offered reading, Havan and Japas. She was fantastic in explaining complicated things to a simple matter. I can trust her through her voice without actually meeting her. Currently, I am just waiting for the effect of havan and japas. With the good result coming my way, She will definitely have a lifetime client with her.

Mary Men

Travel Consultant, London, UK

Om Sai ram. I am associated with Mekhalaji from 5-6 years when I was facing worst of situation. I got to know her through news paper ad. She guided and helped me with so much concern and love, which I can not express in words. She is extremely helpful person , who is always spiritually connected with me. My prayers are always there for you Mekhalaji. God bless you.

Hemangini Prabhakar


I have consulted Mekhala for sorting out my financial mess and for business development. I am satisfied for the different pooja services offered by poojas.in. Along with poojas, Mekhala’s divine guidance gives me immense strength to face life’s challenges. She has taught me how to develop faith in God and believe in myself at all times. When neck deep in problems, I have not had courage to take decisions or perform actions which is essential to run the business. At every step, she has guided me and encouraged me to be confident and not hesitate to perform necessary actions or implement certain activities. Right from guiding me on the good time to start a new business, to telling me what stream of business suits me, Mekhala’s guidance has been with me at every step. With this slowly I am getting results. I am recovering from a very bad financial situation. With support and help from Mekhala, I am very confident to achieve success in a short time.

Abburi Krishna Parmdham

Proprietor, Business Greens India

I am very impressed with Mekhala’s predictions and consultation.she takes the time to clarify all doubts and studies your charts thoroughly.

Definitely recommended.

Akshay Agarwal

Entrepreneur, Bangalore

Have known Mekhala for a couple of years now. She has been very helpful and truthful in all her consults. What my husband and I like most about her is, she never discourages or says overly negative things. The remedial poojas conducted have had immediate positive outcome. We are truly thankful for all her help and guidance.

Priya Thevarajah

Works in Australia

I have worked with Mekhala from poojas.in numerous times and have nothing but positive things to say about the experience. The biggest advantage is having her as your sounding board. She is very practical and empathetic so talking to her and having her address the issue is one big comfort. Post that she recommends the poojas and solutions that have really helped. I would definitely give a 10/10 and recommend her highly.

Prathima Rijhwani

Travel Consultant

I had lost my jewellery during my cousin’s wedding… and got to know about Mekhala through Youtube – Karthaveerayrjuna video…. apart from her I had nothing to rely on at that time… after the poojas were performed and the Prasadams were couriered to my address… I was asked to wait for certain number of days… I started to loose faith and got impatient but I could do nothing apart from waiting for it… when I was randomly searching a bag I got the whole set of jewellery in it miraculously…. I fall short of words when I even think of the whole episode happened…. Thanks a ton Mekhala… you and your team are doing a great job….

Rashmi Hampi


I would say that knowing Mekhala ji since 2014 I am blessed. My son and my mom feel the same too. Like a friend you have guided us through tough times and  I greatly value and appreciate your support . I love watching your videos, they are highly transformative. Especially the sadhanas you recommend🙏🏻

Mrs. Sujata D

Independent Business Woman , Mumbai