Vishnu sahasranamam for illustrious living

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Vishnu sahasranamam for illustrious living


SRI VISHNU SAHASRANAMA – A Hymn for Illustrious Living 
Before booking for any pooja, it is very important to undertake the same with total devotion as well as by knowing the meaning, refining our purpose of  undertaking the same. Only then, can a true devotee avoid engaging in great poojas like this one mechanically.

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At Satsangh, we ensure that the priests who perform this pooja are not only well versed in chanting these hymns but also are filled with devotion to Lord Vishnu and have the strength of Power of Resolution so that they can firmly resolve on behalf of seekers like you to experience  the fruit of Sarva Karya Siddhi.

Please take a moment to understand how Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam when performed with strong sankalpa Shakti and devotion yields exalted results and takes us towards leading an illustrious life.

One who Constantly hears this and who recites it as well, that man will not meet with any harm, either in this world or hereafter.
This is extremely helpful to all classes of Varnashram.
A Brahmin will become expert in Vedanta,
A Warrior will be victorious,
A Businessman will be blessed with wealth and
A Menial worker will obtain happiness.
Likewise, A Seeker of righteousness will obtain righteousness;
A Seeker of wealth gets wealth,
A Seeker of offspring will get offspring.
If every day after getting up and purifying himself, a man of devotion fixes his mind on it and recites this hymn, he obtains immense fame and an exalted position in society; he obtains abiding glory; he attains the highest good, He attains liberation.
He will have no fear, acquires virility and radiance; he becomes free from disease; and he acquires qualities of strength and beauty. The bound are free from bondage; unfortunate are freed from misfortunes. One can quickly crosses over all obstacles and sorrows. Man is purified of sins and goes to the eternal absolute.
Those who recite this hymn with devotion will not go to another birth. In this birth they will get happiness of soul, patience, wealth, courage memory and fame.


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