Vidya Yashas Pooja Advanced

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Vidya Yashas Pooja Advanced

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You must book this pooja if :

If you want to pursue higher education abroad

If you lack concentration and focus in education. i.e if you feel you are too distracted.

If you are particular about joining a particular university

If you want to be an IAS Officer

If you want to do your MSc, PHD, MBA, MCA, ML or any other course of specialisation either in india or abroad

If you want to master music, dance or any other form of art

If you want to enhance your power of speech (Vaak Shakti)


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Havans performed for Advanced Vidya Yashas Pooja for success in education-

4 Powerful Vedic Havans are performed in addition to the Ganapathi and Navagraha Havans.

Chants of -

Shraddha Sookta

Medha Sookta

Saraswati Sookta

Bhagya Sookta Havan

Are performed in order to get blessings of Goddess Saraswati for success in education. Shraddha Sookta gives concentration, interest and power of absorption, Medha sookta sharpens the intellect of the student, intelligence quotient (IQ), Power of assimilation, cognition and recognition, With sharp cognitive powers, a student is able to spend less time in learning and become a great performer. Saraswati Sookta bestows the blessings of the great goddess of wisdom so that the student develops in all aspects as a personality rather than just one or two aspects/ subjects. The student is also blessed with deep knowledge to gain specialisation in certain subjects and maintain a balance and equilibrium of knowledge in all aspects of life not just academics. The Saraswati sookta will also help the student excel in any form of art and craft, skills and talents, spiritual wisdom and power of discrimination as to what kind of friend's circle he or she should have, stay away from bad habits, bad company and be on a mode of being constructive.

Finally Bhagya Sookta havan will help in invoking good luck and good fortune to the student. Many a times we see that students work hard and still the end results are otherwise. The Bhagya Sookta helps the student to invoke good luck and good fortune so that he or she goes beyond the fate and destiny and be in the net of divine grace, good luck and good fortune so that all human agencies co-operate in the highest and the best way.

Ganesha and Navagraha Havan help in removing or clearing all hurdles and obstacles, the grace of 9 planets help in minimising the doshas caused by the placement of 9 planets as per horoscope, get maximum positive benefits of the dashas, planetary transits, etc.




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