Sun Transit April 2018 Pooja

Sun Transit April 2018 Pooja


On April 14, 2018, Sun Transits from Meena Rashi to Mesha Rashi at 8:28AM. Sun becomes exalted during this time for a period of one month.

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Following will be the impact of the Sun transit to Mesha Rashi:

Adverse Results for the following Rashis :

Mesha Rashi - Illness
Rishabha Rashi - Loss of money and other valuables.
Simha Rashi - Fear, anxiety, uncertainties
Kanya Rashi - Health problems
Dhanur Rashi - Health problems, sickness
Makara Rashi - Shatru Bhaya- competition, jealousy, evil eye
Meena Rashi - anxiety, tension, apprehension and confusion.

Below average results
Tula Rashi - Change of place, power or position, unpleasant journeys

Favourable Results:
Mithuna Rashi - Increase in auspiciousness, good news in the family
Karkataka Rashi - Financial gains
Vrischika Rashi - Financial gains
Kumbh Rashi - Shubh- good things likely to happen.

We are arranging Aruna Prashna, Aruna Namaskara, Aditya Hrudaya Parayana Homa for all devotees who are interested in minimising the negative impact of this transit and also those who want their lives to become better than the best.

Cost Rs. 1000 per head.

Some of the benefits of Aruna Prashna, Aditya Hrudaya Parayana Homa:
Robust health with good physical fitness
Improvement in vision or eye-sight
Good name and fame - gain popularity
Get blessings of Pitru Devatas
Atma Abhivruddhi
Ease relationships with government or government agencies
Gain leadership qualities
Prevent defamation of ill reputation (Reputation management)
Good health of the heart, skin and bones
Shatru badha nivaran
Mental clarity

Please register on or before April 13th, 2018, Friday to Mekhala - +91 9880139091



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