Shani Abhisheka

Shani Abhisheka


Til oil abhisheka is performed to Shani Bhagwan everyday.  By worshipping Shani Dev on all days particularly on a Saturday is extremely auspicious. Malefic effects caused by placement of Shani in the horoscope will be eradicated and benefic effects will be greatly enhanced.

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Darbaraneshwara Shani Bhagwan koil at Tirunallar  is one such temple where the Shani Graha dosha nivarana abhisheka is done. Shani Graha abhisheka is a bathing ritual where Shani is bathed with til oil followed by the Panchamrit, Vibhuti,  rose water, turmeric water and sandal or chandan water.  black colored Vastra ,  shodashopachar - 16 ritualistic ways of worship are offered to Shani.   Although the abhisheka will be performed on all days of the week, it is best to get it done on a  Saturday either in the morning or evening. You can also book the abhisheka for 8 consecutive Saturdays. For best results, it is advised to get it done for 8 consecutive weeks or 8 continuous days. Oflate Saturdays are extremely crowded in the temples therefore abhishekas are performed during other days of the week in the tirunallar temple. Only with prior permission and arrangements, through advanced booking it can be arranged in Tirunallar shani temple.For devotees who are keen on Saturday abhisheka,  abhisheka is performed in other reputed Shani temples of India.

Who can get it done ?

Anybody who seeks the Grace of planet Shani in their life can get it done.

Normally if you / your near and dear ones are suffering from some of the problems mentioned below or if you are seeking solution in the following areas you may get this done -

▪If your chart indicates that your Shani is debilitated, conjoined or aspected by malefic and natural cruel or enemy planets

▪If you are an Simha Lagna, Vrischika lagna, Mesha, Mithuna lagna, Kumbha lagna or meena lagna or ascendant

▪To excel in your professional life, boost your career, to get favorable appraisals, promotions, transfers

▪For pursuing careers related to automobiles, technology, engineering, computing, mining, advisor or consultancy or any profession catering to old age, chemicals and metals

▪For unexpected problems - robbery or theft

▪To solve court cases or litigation problems

▪To build good contacts and clientele

▪Ward off laziness and procrastination

▪To speed up the work process

▪At the time of Shani transit once in 2.5 years

▪During the transit period of 2.5 years - ashtama shani, ardha ashtama shani, 7.5 years - sade saathi

▪To be blessed with good fortune

▪To increase your logic, reasoning and analyzing capabilities

▪Ward off enmity

▪Avoid unnatural death

▪To tackle health problems related to ear problems, rheumatic pains, arthritis, fractures, paralysis, osteoporosis, sever depression, old age related diseases, sorrows

▪Enjoy benefits of Shani Dasha or reduce malefic effects of the shani - maha dasha or antar dasha

▪Before you  wear a blue sapphire ring pendant be it for an astrological remedy or otherwise

What will you receive as prasadam ?

Kumkum and Vibhuti is received as prasadam from the temple within 1 week of scheduled date of the abhishekam.

PS : You don't necessarily have to be facing a problem or you need not be suffering from a dosha  to get this pooja done. If you seek the grace of planet Shani, you should get it done. This Pooja belongs to the basic level category. Normally the effect of this pooja remains for a period of 6 months. If you are looking for a long-term remedy that can sustain you for a period of 3 years  then get a Shani Japa done. Click here to book Shani Japa.

About Saturn or Shani : 

Shani is the son of Surya and Chhaya. Shani is a planet, which has been much, wronged and was cursed by his own wife and celestial mother Parvati. In fact after realizing her mistake Mother Parvati gave a boon to Shani that no important event in the life of a person will occur unless Shani gives his divine sanctity to that work either by transit or aspect to such relevant house.

He is the elder brother to Yama(the god of death) therefore he plays the role of Yama and can bring an end to life. Therefore, if a bad Dasha is running and at the same time there is an unfavorable transit of shani and the age of death have come Shani may result in demise. But, Shani also represents detachment. It has great spiritual value. No saint can take birth without a well-placed and strong Shani.

Other Astrological Considerations:

Shani owns two signs namely Makara and Kumbha. It is deeply exalted at 20 degrees in the Tula Rashi and is deeply debilitated at 20 degrees in the Mesha Rashi. Its Mooltrikona rashi is Kumbha. It is considered the Karaka (Significator) for grief.

In the planetary cabinet Shani represents servants. It has a dark complexion. It is of neuter gender. It represents Air among the Panchbhootas or the five elements. It belongs to the Shudra Varna and has predominance of Tamsik Gunas.

Shani has an emaciated and long physique, honey colored eyes, is windy in temperament, has big teeth, is indolent, lame and has coarse and rough hair.

Shani represents astringent taste. It is strong in the western direction. It is friendly to Budha and Shukra. It is inimical to Surya, Chandra and Mangal. It considers Guru to be Neutral. Rahu and Ketu both regard Shani as friend.


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