Rahu Ketu Transit Pooja 2017

Rahu Ketu Transit Pooja 2017


On 27.7.2017, Planet Rahu will transit from Simha  Rashi to  Karkataka Rashi and Ketu will transit from Kumbha Rashi to Makara Rashi

This transit will also have adverse effect
on the following  Rashis :

Mesha rashi
Karkataka Rashi
Meena Rashi
Makara Rashi
Mithuna Rashi
Simha Rashi
Dhanur Rashi
Tula Rashi

Vrischika Rashi

Why you should propitiate rahu and Ketu this transit ?

  1. Rahu is a shadowy planet and influences all other planets by aspecting them or being with them or by occupying their house.
  2. He attracts evil eye, negativity, negative people towards you who can deceive or harm you.
  3. He is the cause of increasing existing health problems, long term illnesses, frequent running around to doctors
  4. He causes  mishaps and accidents,
  5. Draws enemies or inimical forces, evil eye, black magic, witchcraft, jealously and such negative emotions to affect your aura and personality
  6. He increases your expenditure four folds.
  7. He also tempts you with bad company and addictions and other bad habits.
  8. He induces fear, illusions, worries, excessive thinking and stress.
  9. He makes you run around from pillar to post to accomplish even simple tasks.
  10. He influences planets which affect your reputation, name and recognition in a negative way.
  11. He is nastik graha so he influences you through the feeling of  lack of faith and creates  non belief in any thing.
  12. Many a times he also gives us the malefic effects of Planet Shani on your life that is why in astrology it is said ‘Shanivat Rahu’ and Kujavat Ketu (meaning Ketu’s  influence on you is  like planet mangal) .
  13. Ketu induces body pains, obstacles, cataract problems, sadness, lack of motivation, melancholy, discomfort, cancer.
  14. He can help us improve overnight or pull us down when least expected.
On the positive note, when propitiated,  Rahu gives you  opportunities to travel abroad on work, go to pilgrimages, etc. He is also like shani. Ketu gives bhakti, mystical knowledge will power and moksha. To some extent he depicts past life karma.

Therefore we are organising Laksharchana Puja (1 lakh nama Archana for  Rahu), Rahu Ketu Abhisheka and Pariharam Homams  as pariharam or spiritual remedy for the transit.

Please let me know if you want to do this.

The cost of Pariharam is Rs. 2800 per person. Last date for confirming your pooja is 25th July 2017.

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