Pooja to release Black magic influences

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Pooja to release Black magic influences


This Pooja is done to Devi Bagalamukhi- the great Goddess of the Dasha Maha Vidya. Bagalamukhi mantra Jaap is highly effective in releasing oneself from the evil influences of Blackmagic.

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Devi vanquishes the enemies and inimical forces by Her Supreme Power. When a devotee takes refuge in Her, she controls the enemy completely in a manner that the enemy drops all negative intentions. 21,000 japas of Goddess Bagalamukhi moola mantra are performed if you book for this pooja along with kavach and stotra paath. Results are seen in a span of 48 days upon completion of poojas. Devi freezes the tongue of the enemies and gives quick relief from problems created by enemies. This pooja is higly effective for those who want to set right fights and rift between near and dear ones as this mantra has the power of sammohan - to attract and harmonise relationships. If anyone is harsh towards you and speaks harsh words, Devi Bagalamukhi has the power to quickly convert the harsh words (kathu vachan) and harsh attitude to soft words (mridu vachan) and friendly attitude. If your monies are stuck and you are unable to get it back, you could do this pooja for getting your monies released. If you have more than 3 known enemies and many hidden enemies, then you must get the bagalamukhi mantra jaap done. If you are attacked by black magic or evil effects of black magic, this pooja releases you from it and protects you further from future happenings of the kind. If you are stuck in litigation problems, Bagalamukhi mantra jaap is very effective in solving court cases, litigation problem. Moreso if the possbilities of going behind bars need to be avoided or if someone is already in jail, this mantra will release them from permanent conviction. The Bagalamukhi mantra jaap is highly recommended to business houses who are facing cut throat competition. The bagalamukhi mantra jaap is done to improve health, relationships, financial position, avoid problems, to control negative impact of positioning of 6th house lord in your horoscope. The poojas will be done in 11 days by one brahmin priest. Bagalamukhi mantra will be chanted by brahmins who have received deeksha of the mantra through the Guru(Guru Mukhena).


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