Lakshmi Narayana Hrudaya Parayana homa

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Lakshmi Narayana Hrudaya Parayana homa


Powerful invocation to Lord Lakshmi Narayana Swamy from the Atharvana Rahasya of the sacred Vedic text – Atharvana Veda. Here, The great Lord Sriman Narayana is invoked first by stotra paath of Narayana Hrudaya, then Goddess Lakshmi is invoked by Lakshmi Hrudaya and then again Narayana Hrudaya is recited.

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The benefits accruing from this paath are innumerable and immense. The great divine couple- Lakshmi Narayana are embodiment of satva. They induce satva in the karta as well as the family members of the karta of this Pooja.

Recitation of this paath blesses the karta and his family with peace of mind and bliss.

It showers them with immense prosperity through prosperity in terms of Dhana, Kanaka, Vastu and Vaahan; meaning money, grains, gold, assets and the like.

It also bestows the karta with tejas - radiance and effulgence.

It boosts ichcha, jnana and kriya shakti in a person.

It bestows Yashas and keerthi - earning good name and fame.

It removes all blocks in the paths of both material and spiritual progress.

It empowers the karta with strength and vitality.

It graces the devotee or karta with an experience of bliss.

Chanting of this holy paath will be followed by havan offered to Sriman Lakshmi Narayana with special ahutis or sacred offerings.

Prasadam will be sent to you by courier and video recording of the havan with specific sankalpa in your name and star will be sent to you by WhatsApp the day after the havan.



Ranjini Srikanth, USA

"The service is so efficient. The mantra chanting is also very empowering and soothing. The pronunciation is excellent. It is thrilling to get video of the havan and paath being performed in my name while I'm in the US. India has always been a yoga bhoomi. Getting poojas done is far more effective than getting it done here. I am able to see a great change in the atmosphere at my home. There is love back in my family, money is flowing in too. Thanks to Lakshmi Narayana for blessings and for making it happen. "- Ranjini Srikanth


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