Karthaveeryarjuna Pooja to get back lost things

Karthaveeryarjuna Pooja to get back lost things


Get back all that you have lost!! Turn to Karthaveeryarjuna to get them back into your life. Our Vedic priests know how to tap the power of Karthaveeryarjuna is 12 days through 12,000 powerful chants.

Number of devotees have gained the following benefits from this Pooja –

They have got back : 

▪Gold jewellery/ Gold/ ornaments


▪Silver articles

▪Watches and other precious belongings

▪Important documents related to assets such as – own property, vehicle, education – certificates, gadgets etc

▪Devotees who had lost their near and dear ones because the dear member went missing, they returned safely after the 12 days Pooja.

In short, if you have lost anything valuable, this is the Pooja for you to recover it back. Definitely, be it money or valuables like gold, silver, documents, important papers, gadgets, anything can be regained with this Pooja. Also, if you have lost your near and dear ones as they would have gone missing, if your pet has gone missing, etc, this puja will surely bring them back to you.

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The following details are required for the pooja sankalpa

Full name

Date, time and place of birth

Nakshatra and Rashi


Details of the object lost, date of losing, place of losing, photo if any.

What will you receive as prasad ?

You will receive the Kartha Veeryarjuna japa sankalpa theertha, mantra akshata and sugar candy offered as naivedya to Karthaveeryarjuna as prasad.

PS : Propitiating Shani is also equally important along with the above Pooja as theft or robbery or loosing objects is mainly caused when there is lack of Shani's grace. Therefore Shani abhisheka will also be performed in your name and star along with Karthaveeryarjuna japa. The cost of this pooja includes both the cost of pooja as well as abhisheka.

Scriptural validation for the pooja : Srimad Bhagvatam




I will be very honest about my thoughts on this Pooja. My friend Nagesh referred me to Poojas.in to do this Pooja to recover the money I lost. I reluctantly agreed to talk to them for their help and assistance. Within 4 hours I received a response from the Poojas team about the karthaveeryarjuna Pooja. They reverted on the nearest date their priests were available to do the poojas. I had lent a lot of money to my friend and had not got it back for long. I was under tremendous pressure from family members for having lent the money. This had increase stress at home and my BP also had shot up. I thought I should take a chance and get this Pooja done to see if anything magical happens. To my good luck, the nearest good date was just 2 days after the date I paid. So, everyday I was getting updates from team poojas.in as to how many japas have been performed so far and how many more are remaining. Once it was completed, they gave me a date on which they would do the shani abhisheka. They did it on a Saturday and sent me the Prasadam. The end result of this was that I got back 80 % of the money I had given. I am happy that at last I got 80 % of the money back. Rest is God's will. I have no complains. I am grateful to god and also sincerely thank team poojas.in for their diligent effort in contributing to the success in getting back my money. If not, I would suffer from deep feeling of regret for having even lent that money in the first place. I had to wait for a month to get back the money. According to me what is required to do this Pooja is faith and patience. It will happen.

Shailaja Jujjala | 


Dear sir I am overwhelmed to share my experience I have lost my bangle on 16 th dec 2014 which my maid servant had picked it up from my bedroom the very next day when I was going out for dinner I came to know one bangle was missing got really worried searched the whole house asked my maid's but there was no trace of it . I know if we recite karthveerya Arjuna stotra we will get back the lost one I know the stotra but was worried if I'm reciting it properly or know so searched the web for its audio accidentally I came to know about the site spiritual poojas . I saw a puja for this immediately contacted them say they said they would start the puja of karthveerya Nd also according to my horoscope Shani Abhishekh should also be performed and info me the puja will start from 31st and the puja will end by 17 th jan so I had great faith on it Nd had a strong Sankalp that I have to get back my bangle in the same shape when I lost it on jan 1st I visited Dindigul Markath Anjaneyaswamy temple in Hyd and took up a purnaphalam puja which is 16 days which will get over by jan 17 . Everyday I used to do puja and also read out my Sankalp. Meanwhile my maid wanted to go to her village for Sankranthi she left . On 14 jan my servant s sister came to me stating that I have sent someone to her house stating that I lost my bangle and was asking for maid but I did not send anyone. After that lady left I was very confused the reason I have not informed anyone in the house or outside I was shocked how could she say it . On 19 th jan the same lady called my watchman and said the maid who works in my house came back from village call her Nd ask her . The maid came home to work but as I was going out on an urgent work left Nd taught would ask her after I come back from work . Meanwhile my maid 's sister came home and asked me to call her sister Nd ask for the bangle . So I called the police to ask my maid . My maid accepted that she took the bangle and gave it to a goldsmith in her village Nd that man smashed the whole bangle broke all the diamonds and gave her earrings which she left in the village. The police took her to her village contacted the goldsmith and the goldsmith agreed to make a new bangle exactly how my old bangle was . Even though I knew my bangle was destroyed but I had a strong Sankalp even on tht day too I prayed God tht I have to get my bangle in the same shape when I lost it . It was really miracle ! I believed only in God and the person who visited my maid s sister s house was karthveerya Arjuna . I used to everyday pray to him u have thousand hands with that one hand pl get back my bangle where ever it is . Have faith on God he will show us the way ! Shailaja

Ravi Mahajan | 


I got back my tab after this pooja. It was an interesting experience although I had to go through the grind of losing.

Vasishta | 


I left my laptop in the auto rickshaw. I reached home and suddenly realised that my laptop is missing. I soon recollected that I left it in the auto. I lodged a complaint with the cops but things were moving extremely slow. Later my friend suggested that I book this puja. It has been only 3 days since the prayers have started and now the movement in the cops station has started happening. Hope to get my laptop soon.

Sreesha | 


In simple words I got my pet tommy back. He went missing 2 days ago. My mom is so attached to tommy that she wanted him back at any cost. So we decided to get this Puja done and in 2 days we found tommy in the nearby locality. Thanks to Remedies division of Satsangh.org

Vijaykumar M S| 


I had lost my original car documents such as R C book and insurance copy. Upon booking the prayers for getting lost things back, I got it on the 18th day of the puja. It is really magical and many thanks to satsangh.


Please note that for valuables or money lost within 12 lakhs can be recovered through this pooja. For Losses beyond 12 lakhs are advised to go for homams.


Please note that we have a new name, a new identity. Satsangh.org is now known as Poojas.in


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