Jupiter or Guru Abhisheka

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Jupiter or Guru Abhisheka


Alangudi Guru temple is a powerful temple where the Guru Graha dosha nivarana abhisheka is done. Guru Graha abhisheka is a bathing ritual where Guru graha is bathed with the Panchamrit, Vibhuti,  rose water, turmeric water and sandal or chandan water.  Yellow colored Vastra ,  shodashopachar – 16 ritualistic ways of worship are offered to Guru. Abhisheka will be performed on all days of the week, early in the morning between 5:30am to 7:30am to the moola sthanam. It is also performed to the utsava moorthy 3 times a day. It is best to get it done on a  Thursday either in the morning or evening. You can also book the abhisheka for 3 consecutive Thursdays. For best results, it is advised to get it done for 3 consecutive weeks.

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By worshipping Guru, malefic effects will be eradicated and benefic effects will be greatly enhanced.

Who can get it done ?

Anybody who seeks the Grace of planet Guru in their life can get it done.

Normally if you / your near and dear ones are suffering from some of the problems mentioned below or if you are seeking solution in the following areas you may get this done -

▪If your horoscope indicates that your Guru is debilitated, conjoined or aspected by malefic and natural cruel or enemy planets.

▪If you are an Libra or Taurus Ascendant (if your lagna is Tula or Rishabha)

▪If your horoscope indicates that you are suffering from Guru Chandala Yoga.

▪To boost business, to start a new business venture

▪To purchase vehicles or assets you require the Guru Bala

▪Before the house warming ceremony - Griha Pravesh

▪Before the brahminical traditional thread ceremony

▪Before beginning any auspicious event at home - be it festival or traditional custom

▪Before getting married

▪At the time of Guru transit

▪At the time of Guru transit it is advised to get it done once i the transit is favorable for you and if the transit is not favorable, it is advised that you get the abhisheka done at least once in 6 months.

▪To achieve success in teaching profession

▪To gain sound knowledge of classical texts comprising of vedas and vedanta.

▪To have a sharp intellect

▪To beget a child or progeny - santana praapthi.

▪To get full merits of undertaking a pilgrimage

▪To get name and fame

▪To have an impartial outlook in the profession as well as at home

▪To be blessed with Vaibhav or grandeur

▪To increase your logic, reasoning and analyzing capabilities

▪Before you purchase a gold jewelry

▪Enjoy benefits of Guru Dasha

▪Before you wear a yellow sapphire ring as an astrological remedy.

What will you receive as prasadam ?

Kumkum and Vibhuti is received as prasadam from the temple within 1 week of the scheduled date of the abhishekam.  The temple also gives a silver pendant of planet Guru along with Om inscribed on it as prasadam along with the Kumkum and Vibhuti packet.

PS : You don't necessarily have to be facing a problem or you need not be suffering from a dosha to get this pooja done. If you seek the grace of planet Guru, you should get it done. This Pooja belongs to the basic level category. Normally the effect of this pooja remains for a period of 6 months. If you are looking for a long-term remedy that can sustain you for a period of 3 years then get a Guru Japa done. Click here to book Guru Japa.

Guru/ Brihaspati or Jupiter :

Brihaspati owns two signs namely Dhanu Rashi and Meena Rashi. It is deeply exalted in Karkataka at 5 degrees and deeply debilitated at 5 degrees Makara rashi. Its Moolatrikona sign is Dhanu. Guru is the giver of knowledge and happiness.

In the planetary cabinet, it is given the role of minister. Its complexion is tawny. The presiding deity of Guru is Indra. It is of the masculine gender. Its element is Sky (Ether). It is of Brahman Varna and is predominately a Sattwika planet.

Brihaspati is large-bodied, has honey colored eyes and hair is phlegmatic and is intelligent and learned in all the Shastras . It represents the fats in the body. It is found in the treasure room. It represents a period of one month. It represents sweet taste. It is powerful in the east. It is friendly to Surya, Chandra and Mangal. It is inimical to Budha and Shukra and with Shani it is Neutral. It is friendly to Rahu and neutral to Ketu. One interesting thing to be noted is that no planet considers Guru as its enemy. However, Guru considers Shukra and Budha as its enemy.

In astrology, there is no other natural benefit than Guru. The mere placement of Guru in Lagna or Kendra is said to mitigate many afflictions in the horoscope. Guru's benevolent glance or drishti also mitigate problems.


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