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Budha Japa of 17,000 sankhyas followed by dashamsha gayatri : Cost Rs. 10,500
Guru japa of 16,000 sankhyas followed by dashamsha gayatri : Rs. 11,000
Surya japa of 6000 sankhyas followed by dashamsha gayatri : Cost Rs. 7100

Sarabeshwara homa & Pratyangira homa : to remove evil influences of black magic
Aikya Matya Sookta Homa ( This is for both side parents and family to become conducive and be harmonious with you both)
Vaikunta Narayana Parayana – To ward off pitru dosha – very important for progress in all aspects of life
Thara Devi homa for job prospects abroad.
Kubera Lakshmi Homa with 108 lotuses : To invoke wealth and prosperity in your life
Ganapathy and navagraha homas (To clear all obstacles and seek blessings of 9 planets ) This is compulsory for any homa you choose.

Homas and Parayana cost : Rs. 35,000


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