Angaraki Chaturthi Ganesha Havan

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Angaraki Chaturthi Ganesha Havan


Enroll your family for the pooja havan and earn the grace of Lord Ganesha – the lord of intellect, higher knowledge, wisdom and prosperity. Remove all obstacles from the actions you intend to perform.


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Significance of Ganesha Puja on Angaraki chaturthi, which falls on Tuesday. Angaraki means the planet Mangal (Mars) or the earth (bhumi). Ganapati is the presiding deity of Mangal just as He is of the earth. Ganapati and Mangal both have the same complexion. On the day of angaraki Ganesh frequencies reach the earth in greater quantities. Lord Ganesh frequencies from Mangal too reach the earth. Consequently most of the frequencies coming from the moon are destroyed. Hence the benefit obtained by performing 'angaraki vinayaki' and 'angarika sankashti' is equivalent to a series of vinayakis and sankashtis performed in a year.


Runa Vimochan - Clear Debts, loans and karmic residues cleared.
Shubha Aarambha - Get blessings for starting a new project/ making a new beginning.
Mano Vancha - Make all you noble desires come true.
Kshipra Prasada- Get fast results- either for an ongoing task or for a new task
Vighna Nivaran - Remove all obstacles and delays
Vidya dayaka - For success in education, boost in memory and grasping power
Shraddha Dayaka - To get interest, dedication, concentration along with faith and self confidence.

Confirm your booking on or before 12 noon on April 2nd 2018.

Cost Rs. 1200 per family.


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