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About Us

Enter the World of Spiritual Remedies —

In life, when all doors of opportunities seem closed, when we are neck deep in problems and don't know whom to count on, we often turn towards God to seek solutions to all our problems.

Viin Niim Vaale media LLP through its online platform hosts an array of spiritual solutions from various experts through their consultation services as well as implementation of spiritual remedies recommended. also educates the readers of the website, subscribers and participants on the significance of the spiritual way of life, role of imbibing spiritual culture, following spiritual traditions and culture to solve all problems related to all aspects of life - be it health, wealth, family, relationships, education and peace of mind. We also suggest and undertake preventive measures to avoid problematic and stressful situations. brings to you a powerful platform where you can join in at any stage of your life whether you are student, a home -maker, working professional or a senior citizen. We help you to take the right decisions and make your life the best.

This forum is designed to remove the barriers of cost, distance and time, which have become the major hindrance in practically implementing spiritual solutions.

Sitting at your home, you can know the cause of your problems and also undertake appropriate, cost effective measures to overcome them without physical, participating in them through your presence. The experience of our services has benefited scores of people from all walks of life and all age groups across the globe.


Viin Niim Vaale Media hosts expert consultation services in the field of astrology, numerology, name.ology, gemology, palmistry, prashna shastra, individual as well as business consultation and intuitive reading.Viin Niim Vaale Media also hosts services of poojas of different categories and intensities such as archanas, sahasranamas, jeeps, abhishekas, alaaaras, paaths, paarayana and havens or homes.

It is a one stop shop for all your spiritual needs. Log in from wherever you are and get connected with us. offers login through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or Linkedln accounts. ou can now be up-to-date with all the upcoming festivals and the poojas conducted during these festivals and important spiritual/ religious occasions, important dates in order to maintain a good balance of divine grace. Sign up to get the latest updates ...With our live chat feature, you can now interact and see!. additional information incase you require any. Spiritual services of various categories, the best sellers, recent, bought items, Featured services, and other deals are displayed for your convenience. has listed various poojas remedial poojas and homes offered by a team of experts, priests and pandits who will perform the poojas and remedies on your behalf. On selecting any item, a detailed description of that pooja with the procedure and prasad for the pooja will be v \ displayed. You can book any pooja and pay for it online.


The Depiction of our logo as Mount Meru symbolizes the abode of all Gods and Goddesses.It also signifies that Planet Sun or Surya along with 9 planets and all stars always circumambulating the Meru just as, our life revolves around the planetary positions, movements and aspects.
Our logo signifies the temple of blissful living, where you can unburden your problems and find simple, effective as well as affordable spiritual solutions to gain back confidence, prosperity, peace and harmony, which form the essential elements of hassle-peaceFree, blissful living.







Your joumey of spiritual richness starts here.