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Hanuman Languli Kavach Paath




YOU NEED RAKSHA if you are Suffering from - 


Evil eye 

Betrayal in business, love, friendship

Bad dreams, Fear and Anxiety

Sudden Financial loss

Sudden health and mental instability

Low confidence levels

Sudden drop in studies and performing skills

Bad company and negative influence


Everything becoming topsy turvy all of a sudden in the past 2 months.

Business crashing down.

Your popularity suddenly hitting zero level

Offers and opportunities not coming to you anymore?

Feeling of a surge of negative forces in & around you which is cutting short your growth?


Don't be a victim of negative forces invoked on you by your opponents. 


Have a sure shot solution today. 


This is a 11 days pooja which is either started on a Tuesday or on a saturday. This Paath will comprise of beeja mantras as well as powerful verses on Lord Hanuman. By propitiating Hanuman in this manner we recieve his protection as he will control the inimical forces with his languli (meaning tail). 


Tulsi, Theertha, Akshata and Sankalp is sent to you as prasad along with a Raksha thread with Talisman that you can tie around your neck or right hand shoulder. 









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